The return of Fred K

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The return of Fred K Freddy Kwashira

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Liberty Dube
Entertainment Correspondent

AFTER over eight years of hibernation, local gospel musician, Fred Kwashira, has marked his return to the mainstream music industry with a nine-track album, For Your Glory.

Kwashira, fondly known as Fred K, recently released a single track, Makatendeka, which is already rocking the airwaves on several radio stations, especially local commercial radio station, Diamond FM, where he has reunited with his local fans.


The song was produced at Heartland Studios by Blessing Masanga.
The single features acclaimed artiste, Tinashe Murigo, who is not a newcomer to the gospel scene and boasts of more than five albums.

To show his seriousness, Fred K aims to make an indelible and strong mark and has finished working on a video for Makatendeka with award-winning videographer, Simba G, behind the camera.

Other tracks on his upcoming album include Uri kure, Tiitirei nyasha, Kuvabata Chibharo, Vanochengeta, Mandirangarira, Nekuti Wakanaka, Mweya mutsvene and a bonus track, Jobho.

In an interview, Fred K said the album is ready, but listeners will have to wait for its official release next month.

His last released project was Psalms 23 in 2015.

Now that the 40-year-old artiste is back, the market is expectant of a more polished product from the husky-voiced singer whose potential on vocals and keyboard is huge.

“The new album carries several tracks that tackle issues that affect people’s day-to-day lives.

“For instance, the track Kuvabata Chibharo is a song that talks about putting an end to child abuse and giving our children a chance in life.

“As musicians, we highlight and sing on social issues, give guidance and comment on areas that need to be addressed in our society through music.

“The song Makatendeka which features Tinashe Murigo talks about God being faithful all the time and that He is a God that never fails you.

“Uri kure is a love song that talks about keeping the promise of love between two lovers despite the long distance between them. I am quite confident that my return will be felt. I have been on a long sabbatical and I am glad that I have returned with zeal,” he said.

Fred K added that he intends to collaborate with various experienced artistes so as to learn and enhance his skills as he wishes to diversify his work.

He also wants to reach out to some of his fans who may have forgotten about him through releasing more videos.

Although he seeks to conquer, the talented artiste said his journey to glory has not been spared by challenges that bedevil him and other artistes in the industry.

“Recording music can be expensive as one has to fund their own production and cater for distribution and marketing using personal finances.

That is costly and can be a setback with regards to the quality that you would want to attain.


Distribution and marketing of the product is actually a huge task as one has to operate on their own as there are no or few record labels distributing the products,” said Fred K.


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