She is turning heads like never before

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WHAT is this that we hear about our old Jezebel sister who has suddenly hit purple patch in her chosen profession.

I mean that profession that is as old as humankind itself. Thigh vending to be precise.

I am blabbering about our old dear sister whose name has something to do with remembering, recalling or perhaps the capacity to remember.

Yes, the light skinned one who rides in a black ex Jap vehicle of the Toyota family.

We all know her filthy ways and Blabber thought none in their right mental frame would spend much just to be with her between the sheets.

After all, most well known male bedhoppers in the city have had a date with her.

What is very clear to Blabber is that there is more to their love for this slut than meets the eye.

The use of juju cannot be ruled out given the well documented visits to the neighbouring country by our sisters in search of charms to attract moneyed men.

For those that are still wondering who this generous sister is, you might remember her for her illicit affair with that other uncultured heir to family business.

She had a sizzling hot love relationship with that other spoil brat, son of this other temperamental female politician.

Dear reader, the list of our Jezebel sisters’ former clients is long. Blabber was shocked to learn that she is still in the game and luring them like never before.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that she was recently involved in an accident a few kilometres out of town, and guess what?

Well known men of loose morals in the city fell over each other in a rush to pay the costs to repair the vehicle.

Blabber is now in possession of the growing list of well respected men who passionately pleaded like little babies, to pay for the repairs of her ride. These men had their own version of World Cup as they threw their bids to pay for the costs of repairing her vehicle.

Blabbers’ heart bleeds when my kinsmen stoop so low. I a society where we have orphans that have none to send them to school, men on ‘honour’ are spending big on some stinking slut.

Gentle readers, brace yourselves for the shocking list of these well-to-do yet not- so-gentle men.

Watch my space!

Who says Blabber knows no politics?

On Monday, Zimbabwe goes to the polls and Yours Truly is also aware of that.

After all, Blabber is a responsible citizen who will take this opportunity to urge fellow citizens to exercise their right to vote. The next time that Yours Truly will interact on this widely read column, winners will be celebrating while losers will be counting the losses!

Whether you will be counting the costs or celebrating, Blabber pleads for peace.

Chikuru kufema!!!!

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