Sex worker, boyfriend murder client over US$5 quickie

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Sex worker, boyfriend murder client over US$5 quickie The alleged killers disappeared soon after committing the heinous act and are still at large

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Luthando Mapepa
Post Correspondent

A Birchenough Bridge 31-year-old sex worker and her live-in boyfriend allegedly teamed up to fatally assault a client who had refused to pay US$5 upfront for her services.

Fungai Kufakwatenzi of Pfupi Village in Buhera and her boyfriend, Onesimo Tonha Chamutsa (34) of Svutubhureki Village, Bikita, appeared before Chipinge magistrate, Mr Alfred Chinembiri facing murder charges on Tuesday.

The two allegedly killed Wellington Mupfuti who had hired Kufakwatenzi for a quickie.
Kufakwatenzi and Chamutsa were not asked to plead and were advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

They were remanded in custody to December 11.

Prosecuting, Mr Edmore Mahlanganise said on November 26, the now late Mupfuti was at a nightclub at Birchenough Bridge Growth Point and drinking beer with Kufakwatenzi.

“As they were drinking beer, Mupfuti solicited for intimacy and Kufakwatenzi charged him US$5 for a quickie,” said Mr Mahlanganise.

He said Mupfuti and Kufakwatenzi then left the nightclub, heading to the now deceased’s lodgings.

“On their way, Kufakwatenzi demanded cash up front, but Mupfuti refused to give her the money. He insisted that he would pay after receiving the services. A misunderstanding ensued.

“The now deceased got furious and pushed Kufakwatenzi to the wall.

“Kufakwatenzi allegedly withdrew a knife from her bra and stabbed Mupfuti once on the right side of the forehead and once on the right shoulder.

“During the scuffle, Kufakwatenzi’s boyfriend, Chamutsa, arrived at the scene. Kufakwatenzi handed over the knife to Chamutsa and he stabbed Mupfuti once on the neck and once on the back.

“Mupfuti bled profusely from the neck and his clothes were soaked with blood.

“A police officer, Cannan Zaranyika who was coming from the Save Beach Party heard Mupfuti’s cries for help and rushed to the scene where he found Kufakwatenzi and Chamutsa holding Mupfuti.

“Kufakwatenzi and Chamutsa tried to ran away, but Zaranyika managed to apprehend them.

“Zaranyika rendered Mupfuti first aid and took him to Birchenough Bridge Hospital where he died upon admission,” said Mr Mahlanganise.


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