Rusape man killed over married woman

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Rusape man killed over married woman

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Lovemore Kadzura Rusape Correspondent
TWO Rusape brothers who trapped and brutally killed a man suspected of having an extra-marital affair with one of the duo’s wife have been arrested and charged with murder.

Uedwick (27) and Victor Wafawarova, both of Silverbow suburb in Rusape, allegedly murdered Canaan Nyamombe, also of the same suburb, on December 27, 2018.

The incident came about after Uedwick allegedly used his wife Vimbai Jonasi’s mobile phone to wire a text message inviting Nyamombe to ‘‘her house’’.

An unsuspecting Nyamombe dully complied and went to the house, only to find the Wafawarova brothers waiting for him.

The two brothers allegedly brutally assaulted him all over the body using a log, clinched fists and booted feet.

They also assaulted and pulled his manhood.

The two, who were self-actors, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Rusape provincial magistrate Mr Shane Kubonera.

Mr kubonera locked them in remand prison and advised them to apply for bail at the High Court.

State prosecutor Mr Gift Mutigwa told the court that Uedwick saw text messages in his wife’s mobile phone where she was communicating with Nyamombe.

He then decided to set a trap.

“Uedwick saw some messages in his wife’s phone which he interpreted to mean she was having an extra marital affair with Nyamombe.

He then confronted his wife about the issue, but she denied having an affair with Nyamombe.

“The wife suddenly walked out of the house and disappeared. Uedwick became angry and asked his wife’s sister, Sheila Jonasi, about the affair and to which she denied any knowledge of.

“He slapped her once on the face, demanding that she reveals the truth, but she remained steadfast in her denial.

“Wafawarova then started sending text messages to Nyamombe pretending to be his wife Vimbai Jonasi, informing him that ‘her husband’ was away and was with ‘her young sister only’.  Nyamombe then told his wife that he was going to a friend’s house to collect a shovel.

“Upon arriving at Uedwick’s house Nyamombe (allegedly) sent a text message to announce his arrival.

Suddenly Uedwick and Victor Wafawarova came out of the house and captured him. He was about to flee. The two brothers started assaulting him with clinched fists, and he fell on the ground.

Uedwick then took a log and went on to assault Nyamombe with it all over the body. Victor continued assault him using clinched fists and booted feet.

“Sensing danger, Victor rushed to Nyamombe’s house to inform his wife that her husband had been caught with his brother’s wife and had been beaten.

Victor took Nyamombe’s wife to the scene.

Uedwick was still assaulting Nyamombe with the log. Nyamombe had then been stripped naked and lying on the unconscious. Nyamombe’s wife then rushed to alert police.

“Police details arrived at the scene and arrested the two brothers.

They also recovered the log that was used to assault the victim.

An unconscious Nyamombe was taken to Rusape General Hospital and died December 28, 2018,” said Mr Mutigwa.

Mr Kubonera postponed the matter to January 14, 2019 for routine remand.

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