Rebate of duty on Covid-19 essential goods

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Rebate of duty on  Covid-19 essential goods

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In order to enhance preparedness to fight the corona virus, and guided by the United Nations Covid-19 medical supplies, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development has introduced a rebate of duty on essential goods imported for the fight against corona virus disease (Covid-19).

Such goods may come into the country duty free and VAT free in terms of the Customs and Excise (General) (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 published in Statutory Instrument 88 of 2020, which was gazetted on April 14, 2020.

Who is eligible?

Any person or organisation that is registered with the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and has proof of that registration in the form of a Business Partner Number.

Please visit: to access type of goods that qualify.

Application procedure

Prior to importation of the goods, the importer shall apply in writing to the Commissioner at the ZIMRA office nearest to where he is resident and submit the following:

Full names, or the full corporate name, the registered office address, and if different, the physical postal address of the place of business and Business Partner Number

Suppliers’ invoice/donation letter with the full description of goods, values, quantities including, where applicable, identification (serial) numbers

Possible HS classification for the goods

A valid tax clearance certificate and proof of registration with ZIMRA

A written undertaking by the importer to the effect that the goods are for fight against corona virus (Covid-19).

Upon fulfilling the above conditions, a rebate letter will be issued by the Commissioner.

How are the goods cleared?

The goods shall be cleared at the Customs office nearest to the premises of the importer and should be done through a ZIMRA registered clearing agent.

The Customs Procedure Code is 060.

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