Ngozi demands 5 virgins, 75 cattle

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Ngozi demands 5 virgins, 75 cattle Nicholas Kafikira, the late businessman’s eldest son

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Tendai Gukutikwa Post Correspondent

In a case that has left a Nyanga family at sixes and sevens, it is alleged that the avenging spirit of a businessman who was robbed and murdered by his five neighbours 36 years ago is demanding five virgins and 75 beasts as appeasement.

lt is said Costa Kafikira’s spirit is accusing his then neighbours in Tombo Village under Chief Saunyama — Willard Sakupwanya, Charles Fombe, Tsakadzai Mautsi, Tambuzwa Matseketsa and a Benyu of poisoning his alcohol, robbing and murdering him before dumping his body near Gairezi River.

Four of the alleged murderers are now late, save for Fombe.

Kafikira’s family says they stand guided by the laws of the land and will not accept human beings as appeasement for his loss of life.

The late businessman, Costa Kafikira

They, however, will accept the 75 beasts.

Said Kafikira’s nephew, Paul Dzinduwa, in an interview with The Weekender: “The spirit is demanding a virgin and 15 beasts from each of the perpetrators’ families, thereby making it five girls and 75 beasts. We, however, stand guided by the laws of the land when it comes to compensation or appeasement of avenging spirits. We know that the appeasement of avenging spirits with girls, women or any human being was outlawed. All we pray for is justice to prevail so that our uncle rests in peace. We need justice.”

It is said the avenging spirit is manifesting on Matseketsa’s daughter-in-law — Riona — who now dresses and speaks like the late Kafikira.

All this was revealed when the Matseketsa family recently approached the Kafikiras to chart the way forward.

Riona was clad in a pair or grey trousers, a red shirt and a tie. Kafikira’s relatives said the outfit resembles the clothes that Kafikira was last seen wearing.

Riona Matseketsa

“When my uncle left home the day he was last seen, he was dressed in the clothes Riona came wearing,” said Dzinduwa.

Kafikira was murdered in 1984 and his remains were discovered by herd boys three years later near Gairezi River.

His family identified him by his metal identity card and the family heirloom belt that was found near his skeleton.

“We searched for him for years and could not find him. What hurts most is that the killers were part of the search team back then. They would mislead us knowing very well where they had dumped my uncle’s remains,” said Dzinduwa.

The Matseketsas claimed that their family members are dying in unclear circumstances, while some are battling for their lives.

A Nyanga traditional healer, Sekuru Shingirai Mukotsanjera, advised them to appease Kafikira’s avenging spirit.

“Four family members have already died and the avenging spirit keeps telling us that more woes will befall the family. It is said my late father was one of Kafikira’s assailants and we cannot deny or accept the claim since he is now late. But if it is true, we are wallowing in poverty because of my father’s transgression.

“We need to appease the avenging spirit and be at peace with the Kafikiras,” narrated the late Matseketsa’s son, only identified as Matseketsa.

Kafirika’s eldest son, Nicholas Kafikira, said he was deprived of his father’s love and care by the killers as his father was murdered while he was still in his youth.

The matter is yet to be brought before Chief Saunyama’s court.

Kafikira said his family will take the matter to the chief’s court when the remaining four families approach them.

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