Manicaland musicians unite against drugs

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Manicaland musicians unite against drugs Dorcas Moyo

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Moffat Mungazi
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WITH calls for a multi-sectoral approach to tackling drugs and substance abuse growing louder by the day, musicians in Manicaland have taken heed and combined forces to drive the anti-drugs message home by staging a concert at Courtauld Theatre today (Friday).

Government is spearheading the fight to eliminate the illegal activity through its ministries, departments and agencies, while other players like the media, churches, corporates and development partners have also come on board.

Musicians in the province have also joined the fray and adopted a unique route– edutainment –as they blend education and entertainment to add their voices and melodies to the decibels of choruses condemning illegal substances use.

A galaxy of stars comprising over 24 singers drawn from across Manicaland will share the stage in a concert dubbed :“Thanksgiving Concert: Knocking Out Substance Abuse; Towards Drug-Free Societies”, bringing together artistes from the Kunashe Studios stable, while also doubling up to raise awareness on the dangers of the scourge.

Award-winning gospel music diva, Dorcas Moyo will be the headline act, while Bethany Pasinawako-Ngolomi is the guest artiste.


Ollin Anderson

Ollin Anderson

Other prominent musicians to share the stage with the dynamic duo include, among others, Caroline Chidzikwe, Pastor Ellen Anderson, Prince Gumbo, Zedman, Father Loveshow Muponde, Clara Wenyasha, Obey Mereka and Shelter Muradzikwa.

Admission is free.

The show kicks off at 11am.

Prolific music producer, Ollin Anderson of Kunashe Studios, who is the brains behind the concert, said the stage is set for what promises to be a fireworks-filled thriller, carrying a profound message of fighting the drug abuse menace.

“Drugs have become a serious problem affecting many communities and causing untold suffering to those using them as well as their families. As musicians, this concert is our way of contributing to efforts aimed at combating this challenge the nation is grappling with. Music is a powerful medium of expression, and through song, we are saying no to the use of drugs and other illicit substances. We want the scourge to be knocked out so that we have drug-free societies. We are putting up a united anti-drugs stand.

“The event is being held free of charge because our desire is to reach out to a much wider audience. This is a family show and everyone is welcome to attend. The idea is to have people come in their multitudes and take the message back to their communities on the dangers and adverse effects of drugs on the society,” said Anderson, who has worked with most of the musicians lined up to perform.

He added: “The performances will be punctuated by presentations on substance abuse and its negative impact by experts from the Ministry of Health and Child Care because we need to be holistic in eliminating this scourge. A healthy nation is a wealthy nation and this is what spurs growth of, not only Manicaland Province, but the country as a whole.”

A seasoned artiste in his own right, Anderson said they are envisaging to hold similar concerts as annual events with different themes that speak to the country’s national development agenda and transformation aspirations.

“Mhanza Haisekwi” singer and serial hit-maker, Dorcas Moyo, said they are geared for the concert.
Speaking through her manager, Peter Madondo, she said: “We are delighted to be part of this noble cause as we join forces with the province’s other artistes to raise awareness on the dangers of drugs. Substance abuse has caused a myriad of problems in the society that require us to put our heads and voices together in order to effectively deal with.

“As a socially responsible and pro-development musician, I feel obliged to complement Government’s efforts towards the cause of combating illegal drug use in society.

“Kudos to Kunashe Studios for organising this event aimed at knocking out the vice that is eroding our moral values in the communities. The invitation to be part of this show is extended to everyone around Manicaland so that we spread the message and take action on uprooting drug and substance abuse.

“My band is raring to go.”

For fast-rising musician, Caroline Chidzikwe, who has remained committed to sensitising the society about the scourge of substance abuse during her live performances at church as well as other public, corporate and private events, today’s show is a huge step in the right direction.


Caroline Chidzikwe

Caroline Chidzikwe

“Our voices and songs can be a powerful vehicle to carry the anti-drugs campaign to the next level.

“As well as affecting the young, old, men and women, the menace has not spared the music industry as well. A stitch in time saves nine, and coming together as players from different sectors, our collaborative efforts can achieve the desired results in taming the drug abuse monster.
In fact, my band is planning to record songs that drive the message home on combating substance abuse.

“Shows such as this one provide key strategies centring on advocacy and implementing effective action to tackle the scourge.

“ Fighting drugs and substance abuse is a shared concern and collective responsibility whose success everyone in the community must contribute towards. I am happy that as Caroline Chidzikwe and The Throne Worshippers we are increasingly and actively getting involved in initiatives that seek to end the menace,” she said through her manager, Baldwin Chidzikwe.


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