Man fined for battering wife

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Man fined for battering wife The man bashed his wife after she came home late

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Tendai Kwaramba
Post Reporter


FAILING to control his anger got a Natview Park man into trouble after a court fined him $10 000 for bashing his wife after she came home late.

Crispen Munjoma was charged with assault when he appeared before Mutare magistrate Ms Prisca Manhibi.

Ms Tafadzwa Chiwanza prosecuted.

The court heard that on August 26, Munjoma pummelled his wife Nyasha Madzikatirei with fists on the face.

“He also hit her with a brick on the face and an empty tin on the head. Munjoma was accusing his wife of infidelity after coming home late. Her explanations that she was delayed along the way when she passed through her sister’s place fell on deaf ears. Her husband would have none of it and assaulted her,” said Ms Chiwanza.

Munjoma bitterly complained that his wife of two years was not performing well the duties expected of her as a wife.

“She no longer cooks for me and neither does she clean the house nor do the laundry, Your Worship,” said Munjoma.

He justified beating her up by saying she had pulled his private parts during an altercation.

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