MAKING IT RAIN . . . From stones to eggs

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MAKING IT RAIN . . . From stones to eggs The homestead where the stones were falling

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Weekender Correspondent

WOES continue blighting the Marange family that has been pelted by mysterious and hot stones for the past few years as eggs are now being strewn all over the homestead.

Since last Friday, the family has been seeing mysterious eggs with Casper Chikukwa, Webster Chikukwa, Ephraim Chikukwa and Admire Chikukwa’s names scribbled on them.

The four are brothers.

Needles, chillies and charcoal are among things that accompany the eggs.

Interestingly, the eggs reportedly vanished into thin air when a white garment prophet was called to assist the family.

However, they re-appeared after his departure.

The strange eggs were allegedly first spotted at all entrances to Mr Casper Chikukwa’s homestead where the four families have been staying as they seek refuge from the raining stones at their own homesteads.

The eggs have now been spotted in his field, the bathroom, around his thatched hovel, on the yard and on the doorstep.

On Sunday, an egg was found on the bed where Mr Chikukwa and his wife, Ms Georgina Mugova, had been sleeping on in broad daylight.

Narrating the ordeal, Mr Casper Chikukwa said they have been to at least five different prophets to find answers to the strange eggs and were told that a family member was behind the bloodcurdling occurrences.

“We were told that these mysterious happenings have nothing to do with the avenging spirit that has been troubling us for the past few years.

“The prophets said someone from the family wants us dead and is behind all this. They said the eggs are not ordinary chicken eggs, but ‘lightning eggs’. If not properly handled, lives will be lost in the family,” he said.

Mr Chikukwa said when they first saw the eggs on his homestead, they thought someone was pulling a quick one on them.


That was until the eggs started appearing from nowhere in broad daylight.

“It all started last Friday. I was coming from the garden and I saw an egg in a small hole on the intersection just outside my homestead. There were four pieces of charcoal surrounding it. I called my wife and asked her if she was the one who had placed the egg there and she professed ignorance.

“We inquired from our neighbours, who happen to be my brothers Admire, Ephraim and Webster’s families and everyone was shocked about the development.

“We then called a prophet to come and assist us. He said these are ‘lightning eggs’ sent by someone who wants us dead. He said the eggs will kill us once disturbed.

“The prophet prayed and sprinkled some holy water and salt on the egg before picking and throwing it away. We do not know if it broke or not, but we saw another egg the next day,” said the troubled man.

He also said all the paths leading to his homestead were blocked with eggs at some point and the family had to use alternative paths.

Chipping in, Ms Mugova said in total they have come across at least 30 eggs during the last week.

“We ended up changing the paths we use, but the eggs kept appearing. There was an egg in the bathroom and another one at our water point. On Sunday, we found one on our doorstep and then another one on our matrimonial bed.


The homestead where the stones were falling

“It is so scary and we do not know what will befall us if we break the eggs,” she said.

Her sister-in-law, Ms Siyai Shoko said the family’s minor children can no longer roam around the homestead freely as it is feared that they might come across the eggs and break them.

The family’s head, Mr Webster Chikukwa said they have exhausted all avenues to find a lasting solution to the challenge as spiritualists are charging them huge ‘consultation’ fees.

“We sold our last beast a month ago to raise money for spiritual healing, but nothing worked for us.

“We only pray that we get help soon and that those willing to help us can do so. So far, Prophet Mukwapatira has been helping us, but it seems the strange occurences only stop when he is around. We are very thankful for his services,” he said.

In an interview, Prophet Sydney Mukwapatira of Jekenisheni Church said the family is being tormented through witchcraft.


Webster Chikukwa

“Someone in the Chikukwa family wants to shed blood. If these people do not get the spiritual help they need, death will surely knock at their doors. Someone wants them dead as a sacrifice.

“The eggs represent their lives, and if any of the eggs is broken, the person whose name is written on the eggs or their descendants will die.

“They need to be strong in prayer too. When death strikes, witches and wizards will surely turn their homestead into a playground,” he said.

Zimbabwe National Healers’ Association (Zinatha) president, Mr George Kandiero said the Chikukwa family needs help from qualified traditional practitioners.

He said these mysterious occurrences are a result of wealth enhancing charms (kuromba).

“There are repercussions for any ill-gotten wealth. If this issue is not handled properly, death will strike the family.

“Not only those with names written on the eggs risk losing their lives, but even spiritual healers who are trying to assist if they are not strong enough.

“The family can be helped if it consults any of our traditional healers. This is why our institution was put in place,” said Mr Kandiero.


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