‘Let leaves be thy food, the fruit be your meat’

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Miriam Kwari Herbal Space
I have been working with people and herbs for years and I believe in them and their proper use. Herbs should be taken as part of a holistic nutritional diet. Besides my own miraculous changes, over time using herbs, there are events l have witnessed from other people.

Their success stories, from use of herbals, has continued to deepen my belief in herbal medicines and their nutritional healing substances.

I have seen cysts and fibroids melt, heard prostate issues resolved, cancers managed and so much more gratifying news. My name is Miriam Kwari, a herbalist. I hope you will be able to read, learn and enjoy what we have to share in this column. Herbs work for prevention. Herbs work as complementary medicines to our conventional drugs.  Use them wisely with the help of your doctor and of professional herbalists. GOD created plants in shapes, colours and location to somehow, in my view, tell us how the plants are meant to serve, save, heal and feed us .

Plants should be our food and medicine, because nature is the pharmacy and the source of healthy food basket.

Ezekiel 47 vs 11 to 13. Psalms 104 vs 14

Genesis 1vs 29 and Genesis 3 vs 18

Tips on shapes and colours of veggies and fruits

Red colour in veggies is for the HEART and the BRAIN; green is immune system; yellow is for the stomach; stems of veggies carry nutrients for the bones. Do not throw them away.

They are good food and medicine.

  • Shapes
  • . . lungs
  • Cayenne pepper. . . heart
  • Grapefruit and other citrus. . . women breasts
  • . . testicles
  • Onions . . . cells
  • Ginger…intestines
  • . . butternut and pawpaws

Today we will start with a herb that has rocked my world and hopefully it will do the same for you. It is graviola. Cancers…all types equal. Use of graviola. Ordinary cleansing of the body and detox for prevention equals graviola. Graviola is user friendly for all ages as a drink. Those interested in herbal business opportunities can contact the writer.  Below is what graviola can do to you.

The writer Miriam Kwari is a herbalist from Mutare and can be contacted on +263 773378571 or 128 Herbert Chitepo Street in Mutare.

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