JUST IN: Russia imposes sanctions on Biden, several top US officials

15 Mar, 2022 - 18:03 0 Views
JUST IN: Russia imposes sanctions on Biden, several top US officials Joe Biden

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Russia has imposed sanctions on US president Joe Biden and secretary of state Antony Blinken in response to US measures against Russian president Vladimir Putin and people close to him over the war in Ukraine.


Russia has also placed sanctions on Biden’s son Hunter, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, CIA chief William Burns and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, banning them from entry to Russia “on the basis of reciprocity”.


However the country’s foreign ministry said that the door remained open for official contacts with the sanctioned individuals:


“We do not refuse to maintain formal relations if they meet our national interests, and if necessary, we will solve problems arising from the status of persons who appear on the black list in order to organise high-level contacts,” it said in a statement.


“In the near future, new announcements will follow to expand the sanctions list by including top US officials, military, legislators, businessmen, experts and media people who are Russophobic or who contribute to inciting hatred against Russia and the introduction of restrictive measures,” it added. – Financial Times.


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