Is he above the law?

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YOURS Truly has always put it on record that it is the need to preserve the little that remains of our moral fabric which keeps motivating him and nothing more.

Indeed, that is the guiding principle of this widely read column and it is also the main reason Blabber was shocked about a certain well respected legal practitioner who is involved in a rape case.

I mean, this other well known legal practitioner who has defended many perpetrators of rape in his career more than any other kind of criminals.

At some point Blabber thought it was all about his understanding of the law regarding sexual matters that has seen him represent rapists but Yours Truly now understands that, apart from the money, it is more of his passion to see women being abused.

His involvement in football, both as a financier and as a player as well as disc jockeying in different night spots has given him fame around the city.

Blabber will deliberately not dwell on the details of the rape case itself, at least for now, but instead focus on how the case is being swept under the carpet.

In all fairness, how can sane ladies and gentlemen in different offices try by hook or crook to ignore a case in which an innocent woman has been abused?

Do these officers of the law have a heart let alone daughters, sisters or mothers at their respective homes?

Is it all about the greenbacks that our dear learned legal practitioner has dished around that has left the respected officers with impaired judgments about this case?

Or it is about the relationship that our dear officers of the law enjoy with this pompous legal practitioner that they cannot stand the sight of one of their own going down just like that?

Dear officers of the law, Blabber needs answers!

A look at news from smaller towns

Blabbers lenses go beyond our beloved provincial capital and this is the reason Yours Truly is aware of the sexual shenanigans of this other married lady who works for a rural local authority in that other popular and mountainous resort area.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that she was recently caught pants down with a work mate and the issue is now the talk of the small resort area.

Blabber hopes and prays that one day she changes her ways just for the sake of her deeply religious husband.

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