How to take care of your hair during the rainy season

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How to take care of your hair during the rainy season The rainy season can bring with it a plethora of hair and scalp issues

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As much as you love the rains, it is hard to ignore the havoc they can wreak on your beloved tresses.

The rainy season can also bring with it a plethora of hair and scalp issues.

So how do you manage them?

In this article, we bring to you the ultimate hair care guide for the monsoon to keep your precious locks glowing and healthy.

Why does hair fall occur in rainy season?

The air is laden with high amounts of moisture during the rainy season.


This excessive moisture traps the dirt and grime on your scalp as well as on the hair shafts.


This makes the hair follicles weak and the hair strands coated.

This is the primary reason for hair fall during the rainy season.

Additionally, this weather condition not only makes it difficult for the hair to dry but also makes it dull and frizzy.


Also, the depositions near the hair roots become the breeding ground of bacteria and fungi which can aggravate your dandruff troubles.


The acidity in rainwater can also be responsible for the excess hair loss.

Protect your hair from rainwater

The rainwater is often acidic or dirty, which can harm your hair.


Wear a waterproof hoodie or scarf to protect your hair from the adverse effects of the rain.


If you cannot avoid contact of your hair with rainwater, wash your hair immediately after reaching home.

Establish a proper hair wash routine

Wash your hair at least twice or thrice a week to remove the depositions from your hair and scalp.


Use an antibacterial or antifungal shampoo to prevent build-up of germs at the roots of your hair.

It is best to use a leave-in conditioner to protect your hair as well as to prevent the frizz and dullness.


You can also do a hot oil massage prior to washing your head.


This will help increase the blood circulation in your scalp, making your hair stronger.

Keep your hair dry

As the percentage of humidity is already high in the rainy season, you should take extra care to keep your hair dry during this time.


Excess moisture can make your hair heavy and limp.


Use a clean, soft towel to dry your hair after a wash.


Do not tie your hair while it is wet as this will damage the roots of your hair.

Use the right comb

It is better to use a wide toothed comb for your hair, especially when it is wet.

The hair is weak at the roots and prone to breakage when it is wet.


Combing gently with a wide tooth comb will help detangle your hair easily, thus reducing hair fall.

Keep your hair short

It is best to maintain a short hair style if you are facing a lot of hair fall.


Long hair gets pulled and is likely to fall out more.


Trimming the ends of your hair will also remove the damaged or split ends, thus making your hair grow better.

Adopt a hassle-free hairstyle

It is best to go for a minimum styling hairdo during the rainy season.


Use of heat and styling products can make your hair weaker and prone to breakage.


You can opt for a tight bun, high ponytail or short braid, according to the length of your hair.

Follow a proper diet

Your diet has an important role to play in maintaining the health of your hair.


Make sure to eat a proper diet that includes green vegetables, dairy products, eggs, nuts, etc, to add shine and luster to your hair and promote its growth.


Drink adequate water too to keep your body hydrated.

Show some extra love to your hair

Use a hair care active such as a hair serum suitable for your hair type.


This will nourish your hair and prevent frizziness, hair breakage, etc.

Wrapping up

The rainy season brings with it excess moisture which can adversely affect your hair.


You need to take extra care of your hair to prevent its damage.

Hair concerns like dandruff, frizziness, excessive oiliness, etc. need to be addressed appropriately, so that the weather does not make the situation worse.

In general, eating a healthy diet, keeping your hair clean and dry, using a hair active and hair mask will keep your hair happy during this rainy season. –


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