Global education systems: Beware of Alice Bailey!

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Global education systems:  Beware of Alice Bailey!

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Morris Mtisi Post Correspondent
FROM Shakespeare’s JULIUS CAESAR, 1601, “Beware The Ides of March!” is the soothsayer’s message to Julius Caesar, warning of his death. In Roman history March 15 (Ides of March) became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Can we today justify the warning, “Beware the Ides of Alice Bailey”? Can we say what is happening in the education systems of the world today, Zimbabwe included, validates Alice Bailey’s Theosophical 10-point plan and her New World Order Movement which aims at assassinating Education on the planet Earth? What does this occultist plan mean for Africa, and in particular Zimbabwe our beloved country?

Perhaps to answer the above questions intelligently we need a concise publication of Alice Bailey’s 10-point plan.

But first, just who the hell is Alice Bailey?

A prolific writer on mysticism and the founder of an international esoteric movement, Alice Bailey (AB) was born on June 16, 1880, in Manchester, the daughter of an engineer. After a cloistered upbringing, she entered on a period of evangelical work with the British Army, which took her to India, where she met Walter Evans, her future husband with whom she immigrated to America.

AB was a theosophist, an occultist with strong occultist ideas anchored on optimistic and evolutionary oriented cosmology. She strongly believed in a strong obligatory pilgrimage for every soul through the cycle of incarnation in accordance with cyclic and Karmac law.

Whatever way one perceives Alice Bailey and her theosophical teachings, ageless world and all of it, the point remains the same that her basic schema was non-Christian. That is the bottom line. I once bluntly called her a Satanist on radio and my guest pastor and man of God thought the word was too severe on her. I call a spade a spade and hope will be forgiven for that weakness. A donkey is a donkey, is it not? Not a horse! Though they look alike!

In a radio programme on DiamondFM recently — a return edition of Head to Head with MM, the Christian Assembly pastor, one Elvis Joseph, locked horns with an educationist and private college administrator, one Obed Chipato of Hillcrest College.

The pastor was simple, straight and to the point: “AB’s 10-point plan is being unconsciously implemented in schools worldwide and schools through their new curriculums have clearly become a conduit through which the Alice Bailey virus is being spread.”

The college deputy head, veteran educationist and proponent of 21st century education skills, said: “No, no, nooo! We are here to ensure education becomes relevant and a positive game-changer in the lives of the beneficiaries of 21st century education skills and to ensure that education exit profiles create jobs for themselves and others, bringing to an end the sad syndrome of job seeking.”

In a scintillating no-holds-barred head-to-head engagement, both hot-headed and “sober” listeners called and did not mince their words to side with the man of God, Pastor Joseph, or the school administrator, curriculum lover and my learned friend, Obed Chipato.

Pastor Joseph

The Pastor Joseph-Obed Chipato debacle was one of the most scintillating and difficult show to anchor on radio as admittedly I would agree with any of my two guests as soon he opened his mouth to support a viewpoint that was not only a factual observation but a personal thorn in the flesh. Was the pastor simply being obdurate – refusing to change an opinion in a way that was not reasonable? Or was Mr Chipato being donnish — simply being obsessed with academic interest? Perhaps even supporting a system he was part of? Was it a tale of two men on radio failing to see that education and Christianity being both occidental (influenced by the West) were romantically crash-landing on each other, desperately needing common understanding and not priggish intolerance?

Well, that is the fascination of radio talk shows. The ones with an open mind learn more, become smarter and wiser; and the ones with a closed mind boil with intolerance and damage their own brains in the process. Meanwhile, MM enjoys the “brain damage”, loves both sides of the debate and loves both the opposing guests. He keeps the debate friendly and civilised despite all the worms in the can.

I will give you only four of Alice Bailey’s 10-point strategic plan to think about for now. Next week in Part Two, I will give you another six. All of the 10 points, please note, find expression in a highly disturbing observation: While the church sleeps, the devil is damaging souls with the Babylonian system . . . and dragging people to hell. Can we also say, “While the schools sleep, the devil is damaging learners with Alice Bailey’s policy plan”?



Promote excessive child rights

Abolish corporal punishment

Teachers are used as agents on the implementation of Alice Bailey’s plan.



Is the world unconsciously and unwittingly complying with the AB occultist’s 10-point strategy to destroy Christianity and finding an unsuspecting and fertile conduit in education systems worldwide? Where is Africa and Zimbabwe in all this? Talk to me! Engage me head on, on radio. The programme is yours – Head-to-Head with MM. Also feel free to share your views and wisdom through The Manica Post. Address your hard copy write-ups to the Alice Bailey debate, Attention MM c/o The Manica Post.

If you want to engage me head-on on Diamond FM radio, call or catch me on APP on 0773 883 293 and we make a date.

Don’t miss Part 2 of BEWARE THE IDES OF ALICE BAILEY next week. Until then THINK, don’t THOUGHT. BE SIMPLE, not SIMPLER!

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