EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zim-Moza joint efforts bearing fruits

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Zim-Moza joint efforts bearing fruits Zimbabwe and Mozambique continue to modernise their infrastructure and grow their economies in partnership

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STRONGLY linked by geography and history, Zimbabwe and Mozambique continue to modernise their infrastructure and grow their economies in partnership, not in isolation.

The need for efficient and modern infrastructure that facilitates trade and integration has seen the two countries partnering to refurbish and extend the 10km railway line that stretches from Machipanda to Mutare within the next three months.

Through the railway line, trade tonnage between Zimbabwe and Mozambique will increase significantly.

The move will allow the expansion of landlocked Zimbabwe’s traffic to the region and the world via Beira.

Already, the 317km Beira-Machipanda railway line is in place and was recently rehabilitated to allow for more traffic between Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

There are also plans to have a train plying the Beira-Harare route in the near future.

This grand plan will reduce transport costs of cargo and also ease congestion at Forbes Border Post.

Forbes is currently clearing an average of 550 haulage trucks every day, a lot of which can be replaced by railway wagons.

Of course, the two Governments need to collaborate with development partners and the private sector in setting up an efficient transport system between the two countries.

Ministers from the sister countries confirmed the development during a recent tour of the Forbes and Machipanda border posts.

The two nations are keen to have stronger economic cooperation, particularly in areas such as infrastructure development, energy, agriculture, transport and health.

Indeed, information sharing and the formulation of joint strategies will go a long way in changing the economic fortunes of the two countries.

The Zim-Moza border has a commercial history dating back to 1 000 years, hence the opportunities for both nations are vast.

The two Southern African nations have strategic natural resources, including gas, precious metals and tourism sites, which may potentially turn around the duo’s economic fortunes through strategic partnerships.

Mozambique is Zimbabwe’s fourth largest export market and the fifth largest source of imports of goods and services; and this calls for an efficient transport system between the two countries.

Zimbabwe and Mozambique enjoy excellent relations which date back to the days of the liberation struggle and under the Second Republic, President Mnangagwa is keen to see Zimbabwe leverage on such ties for the benefit of the economy.

In April 2022, during President Mnangagwa’s State visit to Mozambique, the two countries upgraded bilateral ties through the signing of an agreement establishing a Bi-National Commission.

The Bi-National Commission, which is headed by President Mnangagwa and his Mozambican counterpart, President Filipe Nyusi, meets annually to deepen bilateral ties in an effort to achieve mutual development.

Such moves have been a central aspect of Zimbabwe’s re-engagement agenda, with the Second Republic keen on establishing ways in which it can collaborate with other countries across the world.

With Zimbabwe joining forces with other countries, nothing is impossible.


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