EDITORIAL COMMENT : Village murders worrisome

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EDITORIAL COMMENT : Village murders worrisome

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THE worrying murder cases in Chigodora that have been attributed to ritual killings need to be investigated swiftly and assure the security on villagers.

And the rate at which dead bodies are found dumped at farms in the area is a cause for concern and surely it sends shivers down the spine of villagers who now feel vulnerable.

Parents are now escorting their children to school because they are scared that the people who are behind these murders might pounce on them.

When people get scared, they look up to the police to chip in quickly and solve the mystery.

Elsewhere in this issue we carry two stories in which villagers in Chigodora suddenly attacked a Mutare businessman who had visited the area with a friend to merry make.

The businessman who was driving a Mercedes Benz was mistake for a suspect who the community accuses of masterminding the harrowing murders.

Villagers ran amok and assaulted the businessman and his friend with anything at their disposal.

Although the entrepreneur positively identified himself to the marauding villagers, his words and pleas fell on deaf ears.

He was assaulted and his car extensively damaged because villagers mistook him for a murderer.

It is understandable that villagers in Chigodora are furious over the murders that are ravaging their community but taking the law into their own hands and wantonly beat up people whom they suspect to be behind the crimes is equally wrong.

Had it not been for a Good Samaritan who whisked the businessman to safety life could have been lost.

An innocent soul could have waved goodbye to life yet people were acting on wrong information.

Members of the public are allowed to make arrests but they should hand over the suspect to the police for further management.

In as much as the police are hunting down culprits behind these murders, the long arm of the law must also deal with the villagers who assaulted an innocent soul.

This incident has sent the wrong signal to the world regarding the hospitality of the Chigodora community.

Tourists who visit that area now have second thoughts because there is no guarantee that they will do so peacefully. Although the case is now being handled by the police, the local traditional leadership must summon subjects and school them on the effects of this unfortunate incident.

With equal measure, the police must work around the clock to solve these alleged ritual murders and provide villagers with answers that guarantee their security.

Since several names have been brought forward as possible suspects to these killings, it is important for homicide detectives to look into points raised and investigate further.

Crimes are committed in the community and the community has the answers to best solve them.

Calm must quickly return to Chigodora.

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