Climbing stairs for weight loss

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Climbing stairs for weight loss Stair climbing is a legitimate exercise and an internationally recognised sport that can improve your fitness

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If briskly climbing a flight of stairs (or a few) leaves you winded, it’s no surprise.


Stair climbing is a legitimate exercise and an internationally recognised sport that can improve your fitness.

Luckily, you don’t need to climb to the top of a skyscraper to get a good sweat on; stair workouts can be accessible at the gym, a park, or in your home.

What is the effect of climbing stairs?


Burn excess fat

Climbing stairs is a form of exercise that helps burn excess fat and increase muscles such as leg muscles, thigh muscles, hip muscles and toning abdominal muscles.


Normally, an average person can burn 500 calories by running stairs for 30 minutes.

The rate of fat burned depends on the intensity and duration of each person’s exercise.


If you climb stairs slowly, you will burn fewer calories, and if you climb quickly, you will burn calories faster.


Taking the stairs is an intense form of exercise that consumes calories and burns fat very well.

Stair climbing helps to lose weight properly

Climbing stairs for 15 minutes regularly every day is really ideal, first with a warm-up of climbing up and down stairs for two minutes, then slowly getting up to speed and moving faster for the next five minutes.

Rest for a minute, then climb stairs again at a brisk pace for five minutes, in the last two minutes, slow down again to bring body temperature back to normal.

Warm up before climbing the stairs

Warm-up is very important in all physical exercise. Simple exercises such as rotating the joints of the shoulders, wrists, legs, hips, and knees will relax the muscles to help limit injuries when exercising.


To climb stairs tirelessly and achieve a high weight loss effect, we should warm up carefully.
Speed and posture when

Climbing stairs

The speed and posture when climbing stairs will be different from normal walking on flat ground because the stairs have a certain slope.


The centre of gravity of the body will be all on the steps when climbing the stairs.


At this time, the body will be slightly bent forward to maintain balance and hold the upper body, the spine is in a straight chest position to push forward.

When you first start exercising, you should choose a slow, moderate speed, do not increase the intensity of exercise by more than 10 percent.


Avoid stepping many stairs at once or burning up the warm-up phase as this will make the knee suffer pressure.

Climbing stairs too quickly can lead to falls, so climb at a safe speed.


In addition, during the process of climbing stairs, you need to try to maintain a regular breathing rhythm, if your breathing starts to be chaotic, you rest for a while and then continue climbing.

Although walking down the stairs burns less calories than climbing the stairs, it still provides specific benefits such as helping to stretch, and the quadriceps or quadriceps muscles performing eccentric contractions will improve functional fitness.

Start the exercise with a simple goal and gradually increase the volume of exercises week by week, along with other exercises such as hopscotch, push-ups to enhance the effect of weight loss and muscle gain.

After climbing the stairs, we should do some stretching exercises to relax so that we don’t feel pain in the abdomen, legs and thighs or we can hang ourselves up to relax the spine.

Take a break from climbing stairs

Always keep your balance and do not over-exercise, choose the first priority of safety because when climbing stairs, you can fall.

It is recommended to use a heart rate monitor.

Stop climbing stairs as soon as there are signs of dizziness, muscle pain, shortness of breath or abdominal pain.

End each set with a short rest to get your heart rate back to about 100 beats per minute.

Pay attention to safety when climbing stairs to lose weight

Stair climbing exercise for weight loss is almost always a simple and safe exercise for us, however, there are also risks encountered. lt is necessary to note the following points when climbing stairs for weight loss:

When climbing stairs, the body will lose a lot of water through sweat, so you need to bring water with you to replenish during the half-time break.

If you are at risk of cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, or a fast heart rate, it is not recommended to climb stairs as the stairs are often empty, making it difficult to call for help.

In this case, you should do regular aerobic exercises or walk.


You should always choose a place where people pass by so that you can call for help in case of an injury.

It is necessary to choose sports clothes that absorb sweat, stretch comfortably, and help us always feel cool and dry when climbing stairs.


Shoes are also a tool to help climb stairs effectively, protected feet reduce ankle injury.


Shoes with good foot cushions will reduce the pressure of the body on the feet. —


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