Castration the ultimate price for ngozi

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Castration the ultimate price for ngozi

Tendai Gukutikwa

Post Correspondent

Four Marange families are at the mercy of an avenging spirit that is allegedly castrating its victims and killing them soon afterwards.

The avenging spirit is now demanding 50 beasts as compensation from the five families. 

The Manica Post understands that male members from the Mukanjari, Denga, Ndova and Mauchaza families who have fallen victim to the avenging spirit woke up with blisters all over their bodies. 

Suddenly their private parts fell off, leading to their instant deaths.

The spirit of Ruwizhi Makondo Mashato, who was allegedly murdered 29 years ago, is claiming that this is how he was killed by members of the aforementioned families. 

Through manifestations on various members of the families, Mashato claims that his private organs were chopped off by his five neighbours before his head was cut off for ritual purposes.

His body was later dumped in a well.

Two of the alleged murderers – Dunmore Mukanjari and Dorcus Ndova – are still alive; while the rest – Manzinde Denga, Godfrey Denga and Agnes Mauchaza are now dead.

Mauchaza committed suicide a few years ago after being tormented by Mashato’s spirit.

The matter has since spilled into Chief Marange’s court and Mukanjari has confessed that he did take part in Mashato’s murder. 

Ndova, however, insists that she had nothing to do with the murder. She says she only witnessed the crime. 

However, the avenging spirit claims that Ndova held the dish that collected his blood as the gruesome murder was being committed in 1992.

Speaking to The Manica Post, Dorcas Ndova’s nephew Takesure Chadambuka said his family is going through hell due to Mashato’s avenging spirit.

“We need her (Ndova) to address this issue as a matter of urgency before we perish like the Denga family. The Denga homestead has been turned into a grave yard. 

“Manzinde Denga and his son Godfrey were part of the gang that murdered Mashato. It is so scary because we do not know who is next. My brother died last year in December because of this avenging spirit,” said Chadambuka.

Following Mukanjari’s confession, Chief Marange said the matter needs to be handed over to the police.

“In matters like these, both the traditional and criminal courts should be involved. The perpetrators need to appease the avenging spirit and serve jail terms upon their conviction,” said the traditional leader.

Veresy Mutungwazi, who married into the Mukanjari family, said she has lost five children to the avenging spirit. 

She said her late sons all woke up feeling weak and with blisters all over their bodies. 

Their private organs fell off before their sudden deaths.

“I am only left with two children and I fear for their lives if nothing is done. I pray that someone will knock some sense into my father-in-law’s head so that he appeases this spirit. It is not fair to lose my children because of someone’s evil deeds. 

“After my first child’s death, we all thought he had succumbed to a rare disease. But eyebrows were raised when the next child died in the same manner a few months later. After the death of my second child, Mashato’s spirit began manifesting and revealing all these details. The spirit has threatened to wipe off the entire Mukanjari family unless it is appeased,” said Mutungwazi.

Mercy Nyaude, who also married into the Mukanjari family, said two of her children have also died in the same manner.

“Some of the family members died after bleeding from their private organs. Their private organs were mysteriously chopped off, and then they died.

“Mashato’s spirit says he suffered excruciating pain when his private organ were cut off by his murderers, hence all the victims should go through the same ordeal. 

“The avenging spirit is also targeting our livestock and most of our cattle and goats are now blind. Some of the livestock’s sexual reproductive organs also mysteriously disappeared,” said Nyaude.

Chief Marange said some of Mashato’s remains was recovered from the well it had been dumped for proper burial.  

However, Mashato’s son, Harrison, claims his family never received their late father’s remains for re-burial.

“I do not know where the remains were put when they were retrieved as I was very young then. We never buried my father’s remains. In fact, he is also manifesting in our family asking for closure on the case through a proper burial,” said Harrison.     

The chief is also unaware of how the remains were handled as he was not yet in office when they were retrieved from the well.

“I hear it took them three days to find some of my father’s remains. These men and women were our neighbours and we never suspected that they had a hand in our father’s disappearance,” said Harrison.

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