BLABBERMOUTH: When repentance means nothing

11 Sep, 2020 - 16:09 0 Views
BLABBERMOUTH: When repentance means nothing

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THEY say the best way to say you are sorry is by changing your behaviour.

However, it appears like this does not apply to that sexually short tempered brother who chases every skirt that passes by.

Not even a lady’s marital status deters him from expressing his weakness for sweetness.

His political links and ambitions had misled us into thinking that he would start acting responsibly but alas, the opposite is happening.

We all saw how that clip went viral on social media and how he was butchered in broad daylight after being caught pants down with a friend’s wife.

How can one be so heartless? Dating a friends’ wife is the highest level of sorcery.

While some women are weak, real men do not take advantage of that, especially when it comes to their friends’ wives. Yours Truly frown upon such animalistic behaviour.

In recent years, the good-for-nothing nincompoop told everyone who cared to listen how he had repented from his old ways.

He praised that popular prophet from that other neighbouring country, saying the so-called man of God had changed his life for good.

Is this the good he was preaching about?

Is this what repentance means?

I hope the idiocy that could not be driven out of him through church baptism was finally cast out by those heavy slaps and punches we saw in that video.

Not that l am condoning the fact that the culprits in that video took the law into their own hands.

Blabber loves you comrade, but when it comes to respect for the marriage institution, Yours Truly remains resolute in principle and will never condone such nincompoopery.

Till next Friday, always remember to wash your hands and keep the physical distance.

Stay safe!

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