BLABBERMOUTH: Like mother like daughter?

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BLABBERMOUTH: Like mother like daughter? Towntalk with Blabbermouth

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YOURS Truly really wanted to go ahead with the running story of this other unruly law enforcer who has literally become law unto himself, but for some reason, Blabber thought it wise to give you gentle readers as well as authorities time to digest what has been written so far about this uncouth officer.


Of course, Blabber is still deliberately holding on to more of his shenanigans, including some shocking love affair monkeyshines.

It is a story for another day!

What is this that we hear about this other well-known young lady who recently caused a scene after her extra marital affair was discovered by her husband?

We all know her as the daughter of this other manager at this other horticulture concern.

Even though the father runs a tuck-shop in the ghetto, calling him a businessman would be an overstatement.

Her name is of Hebrew origin meaning “a fertile plain” and in the Bible, it is well-known for being referred to in connection with a rose of that fertile plain.

Everyone knows that the father parted ways with her mother, and some of the reasons behind the couple’s fallout include the mother’s shameless acts of infidelity.

This is the reason why Blabber is wondering whether this could be another case of “like mother like daughter”.

Word reaching Yours Truly is that after an altercation with her husband, a known drug dealer, she quickly jumped straight into the arms of another man, a car dealer whose name is similar to that of a biblical king.

The car dealer has his own issues that Blabber will revert to, but this insertion is all about this bare skinned young lady.

Blabber is informed that there was a fiery fight emanating from this love triangle and our source has pledged to avail more detail about the fight including images.

Watch the space!

By the way, there is a juicy one unfolding in that other suburb whose name has something to do with water where a certain small-scale entrepreneur who had established a name for himself in the area with a booming tuck-shops business, suddenly went broke.

Blabber has it on good authority that the bozo must have used some money spinning charms to boost his business to the extent that he used to sleep with his female workers on his matrimonial bed.

But as fate would have it, such things do not last, the bozo is now dead broke and can hardly afford a single lollipop, a product that he used to sell in packets.

Before signing off, Blabber must touch a little bit on issues around this other flabby and popular female medical practitioner.

Surely, this nurse has gone crazy!

While we all thought we have had enough of her lurid dancing videos and nudes, she circulated yet another this week wherein she spreads her legs, only to showcase her wrinkled privates.


God forbid!

One wonders how the authorities in the medical profession are taking her tomfoolery or perhaps some of them are beneficiaries of her known generosity.

Yours Truly would go on and on, but remember Blabber is human too and needs to do some Christmas shopping, hence on that note, Yours Truly signs off.



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