Base station for Chikukwa

02 Feb, 2024 - 00:02 0 Views
Base station for Chikukwa

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Simbarashe Zhovha
Chimanimani Correspondent

VILLAGERS in Chikukwa area of Chimanimani have welcomed the setting up of a base station by Econet Wireless saying this will boost their business transactions.

The installation of the base station commenced in October 2023 and was recently completed, bringing joy to the villagers.

It is expected to be commissioned in the immediate future.

Only NetOne signal was accessible in the area before the latest development, thereby making it difficult for locals to use other e-money platforms.

Most villagers who wanted to access Econet services were being forced to fork out US$6 to travel to and from Chimanimani.

The setting up of the Chikukwa base station also created employment for local youths.


The business community, teachers and learners welcomed the development saying this will give them access to improved services.

In the digital world, the internet is the primary source for research, which is crucial for both learners and teachers.

An Econet agent in Chimanimani, Mr Tinashe Makuyana said: “I am happy that a base station has been set up in Chikukwa because we had few customers in this area. People from Chikukwa were not accessing several services. This new development means that I can now spread my business wings in Chikukwa.”


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