13 wives, 87 children finally out

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13 wives, 87 children finally out Jeremiah Murahwa

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Weekender Reporter

AN octogenarian Mutare polygamist claims that he is now useless in bed after his fourth wife allegedly ‘locked’ him so that he could not be intimate with the 12 other wives.

In a recent unsolicited interview, Jeremiah Murahwa (84) said he suffers severe pain whenever he tries to be intimate with his wives.

He further claimed that at times, his private organ disappears, adding that when it reappears, it is non-functional.

Murahwa believes that his fourth wife, Mary Jena (76), is behind all this.

The polygamist has 13 wives and 87 children.

He said he still wants more children, but Jena has rendered him impotent.

“I still want more children and wives, but Jena has fixed me by locking my private parts. I am more like a castrated bull because I cannot perform all my matrimonial duties anymore. I am just a paper tiger,” he said.

Murahwa said he is convinced that Jena is behind his predicament because he dreamt of her performing some rituals on him the night before he became impotent.

He says when he approached Jena over the issue, she dismissed him casually.

“My fourth wife is behind my suffering because only her children are doing well in life. They are all married and have good jobs. It all started after I dreamt of my wife near a source of water, performing some rituals. I confronted her the next day and told her about my dream. She told me that it was none of my business. I later dreamt of a lion devouring my private parts. When I woke up, I felt sharp pain on my private parts and since then, I have never been able to perform my matrimonial duties to my 12 other wives.

“Jena, however, informed her parents that I had labelled her a witch. I was dragged to a community court by Jena and her children over the issue. Their mother is influencing them to tarnish my image and reputation. She is the one behind my woes,” he said.

When Murahwa and his family recently appeared before Headman Chigodora’s community court, his children, Patience and Tendai Murahwa, accused him of bewitching them.


Patience claimed that her husband always complain that her face changes into that of a very old man each time he wants to get intimate with her.

She said this has caused a serious rift in her marriage.


Patience said this started after she dreamt of Jena carrying her and leaving her in a tree.


She said when she told her father of the dream, he did not do anything to assist her.

“I have repeatedly told my father of my marital challenges, but he always tell me to soldier on. I was once married to another man, but my father and his friend forced me to quit the marriage.

“I found another man, but my husband believes that I am a goblin’s wife. This has been confirmed by many spiritual healers we have consulted. He tells me that each time he tries to get intimate with me, he sees an angry face of an elderly man. He immediately stops and leaves our bedroom. I have suffered enough, but my father is refusing to help me,” she said.

Jena’s son, Tendai, claimed that his wife also sees the face of an angry old man on his face each time they try to get intimate.

“My father is evil and most of his 87 children are experiencing this whenever they try to get intimate. I used to think they were lying until it happened to me.

“The old man cooked up all the lies against our mother because he no longer loves her,” said Tendai.

The family was ordered to consult traditional healers.


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