Zifa, spare us this madness

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Zifa, spare us this madness

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THERE comes a time when we should call a spade a spade, not a garden tool.

The endless administrative boobs synonymous with football administration in this country no longer allow progressive citizens to gloss over Zifa misdemeanours let alone remain silent.

Why do we say so?

Zimbabwe were embarrassingly walked over at home by Zambia in a Women’s Olympic Qualifier after the Mighty Warriors withdrew from camp hours before kick-off.

The second leg of an Olympics Games qualifier against Zambia was scheduled for Harare.

According to Zifa spokesperson, Xolisani Gwesela, some players were pulled out of the squad by local clubs following reports that they were not being properly paid their allowances by the football association.

As if that was not enough, the men’s national team’s preparations have not been smooth with the football association failing to get funds on time for the trip.

To make matters worse, the contingent of foreign-based stars flew straight to the match venue in Djibouti.

What boggles the mind about Zifa’s way of doing business is that the board which ideally should play an oversight role with the secretariat handling the day to day affairs of the association is the one heavily involved in the day to day affairs of the association.

This is not a healthy set up as far as tenets of corporate governance are concerned.

In a normal set up, Zifa board members have no moral and professional obligation to undertake errands of making payments to debtors or service providers.

Theirs should be a supervisory role that must be separated from the day to day affairs of the association and that lack of corporate governance systems is the root cause of all problems that the association faces.

While it is true that national sports associations deserve to get assistance from the country’s central authority Government, it is sad that huge amounts of money that the same associations get from international bodies such as Fifa are not being accounted for.

Recently, Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry, through the Sports and Recreation Commission, demanded to get details on how Zifa spent money during the ill-fated Afcon finals trip to Egypt.

At a time when details emerged that the enlarged delegation to Egypt included undeserving associates of those running the game in the country, Zifa chose to cry foul, claiming that the demands by the Sports and Recreation Commission are tantamount to Government interference to football administration issues.

But in a short space of time, the same association now sends an SOS to Government pleading for assistance to fund the trip to Djibouti for the 2022 World Cup preliminary round qualifier against Somalia.

How they expect Government to fund the Djibouti trip now and yet at the same time not so long ago they did not expect Government to ensure transparency in the association, defies logic.

It is sad that confusion within Zifa has resulted in negative publicity for the country, where each time our national football teams hog the limelight for the wrong reasons.

This is one of the major reasons we are calling upon those occupying offices at Zifa to do the right thing for both the game of football and brand Zimbabwe.

Spare us this madness!

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