Youths gathers for residential stands programme launch

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Cletus Mushanawani

THOUSANDS of youths from Manicaland’s seven districts gathered at the Meikles Park in Mutare on Saturday to witness the launch of a programme to avail land for them for residential stands.The programme was launched by the Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs, Cde Mandi Chimene who ordered every local authority to avail 100 hectares that will be sub-divided into stands.

‘Today, it is a historic event because our attention is now focused on youth empowerment. We want to ensure that the youths become landlords. To all representatives of local authorities gathered here, I want to tell you that you should avail 100 hectares of land for the creation of youth villages in your respective areas.

“The 100 hectares should not be on one place, but spread across the district’s major business centres, growth points, towns and city. Everyone should benefit from this programme regardless of political affiliation. All youths belong to Zimbabwe under the leadership of President Mugabe and should benefit from all empowerment programmes,” she said.

Cde Chimene called on youths to be united and speak with one voice.

“You are clamouring for empowerment, but you are not speaking with one voice. Unity of purpose will help to move mountains and we are there to assist organised groups, be it in mining and other empowerment programmes. Everything should be done within the confines of the laws of the land,” she said.

On corruption in the allocation of resources, Cde Chimene said: “We will be keeping a close eye on how you will be conducting your business. We will raise the red flag on all corrupt elements in the distribution of resources.”

She called on youths not to be misled by fly-by night political parties in the Joice Mujuru-led Zimbabwe People First and Acie Lumumba’s Viva Zimbabwe.

“Mai Mujuru is a selfish leader. Ask us who have been with her in the trenches since the days of the liberation struggle. If she is a saint as she wants the world to believe, can she just give us one thing which she did to fellow liberation war veterans like her. She wants everything for herself and we cannot have a leader like her.

“We should not waste much time on Lumumba, a well known gay. He is bad-mouthing President Mugabe because he knows that our President is anti-gays. The media can quote me on that one I don’t care because at one time I saw him being kissed by someone from Shurugwi at Lions King in Harare,” she said.

Speaking at the same occasion, Zanu-PF Manicaland provincial youth chairman, Cde Mubuso Chinguno, declared the province as a no-go area for the likes of Lumumba.

“It is taboo for a youth to badmouth elders like what Lumumba did to our President. He should never attempt to set foot in Manicaland because that will be the end of him as youths will descend on him. We want the law to take its course because what Lumumba did amounts to treason,” he said.

Cde Chinguno said factionalism had no room among youths in Zanu-PF.

“In 2014 at our congress we endorsed the leadership of President Mugabe and who are the people going around fanning factionalism? Vice-Presidents Joshua Nkomo, Muzenda, Msika and John Nkomo died while in office and the same should happen to President Mugabe. He is our life President and those harbouring other thoughts should think otherwise,” he said.

On empowerment of youths, Cde Chinguno, said: “Youths should be among the majority of people being employed in mining companies in Manicaland especially at Chiadzwa. We do not the current scenario where youths spend most of their time sitting on bridges debating on who is the best soccer player. They should all be active economically. All those chefs who have idle land should have it downsized so that youths will also benefit.”

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