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MUTARE is at last doing something that positively touches people lives and hearts in a respectful, religious, traditional, respectful, caring, fun-loving and artistic way under the banner of ‘Your Surprise Wedding’.

Utate Gardens, a conference and event venue has partnered The Manica Post, Pikitcha Africa and other players in the industry to sponsor surprising weddings receptions to couples, who after 30 years of marriage without affording one.

How does it work?
Couples are identified through the community or churches with the team making sure that all traditional rituals such as lobola have been followed and then approaches the couple with the surprise news.

Thereafter, a wedding date is set and the extended family and community rallies behind to give the couple an amazing wedding. The beauty of the wedding is that the couple is not involved in the preparations and is exempted from paying for anything. The wedding is a surprise for the couple.

Already some couples have been identified and more are being sought.
This type of project has never been done in Zimbabwe or Africa. Utate Gardens has truly put Mutare on the map as a true diamond city. I have no problem encouraging Mutare community to support this kind of project. It is rare that in such trying times, a company chooses to find people in the community to assist. Further investigations show that Utate have other projects at the venue, such as supporting local wood or stone carvers to showcase their wares.

They also support local upcoming musicians and artistes, by giving them a free platform to perform weekly.

Mutare has many wedding venues which offer amazing wedding choices, but Utate truly has an African feel with its structure being warehouse style aluminium, decorated minimally with wood, bamboo, sand and rock.

Of cause The Manica Post being the paper of the people, is giving its readers an opportunity to get involved in this project. If you know a couple in your community or church that has been together for at least 30 years and has never wedded, please get hold of us. You could

also get involved in “Your Surprise Wedding” as a sponsor in the following areas:
1. Sponsor a Newspaper spread each month
2. Sponsor the “Your Surprise Wedding” articles each week through advertising.
3. Sponsor an aspect of the wedding (decor, catering, beverages, bridal wear, make-up, nails, rings, PA system, video and photography etc).
4. Sponsor the whole wedding
5. Any other way

Please get hold of the Manica Post Editor on 0778175925 or Utate Gardens on the number below and get involved as soon as possible.

That is not all though. Between November and December 2018, if you bring 10 original clips of the wedding column to the office of The Manica Post Editor, you will have a chance to be featured in the column. It is exciting times; change your mindset positively by supporting those in need.

Until next week, God bless!
Ann Ruthenburg can be contacted on 0719933845.

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