You define who you are. Do you?

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You define who you are.  Do you?

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Hello readers, hope you are all good. I was so happy this week to wake up to some cool weather, oh how nice! But of cause it is summer, so it must be expected that the sun will dominate this season as much as possible. Nothing is wrong with appreciating some cool weather here and there.

This week I celebrated my birthday and, unlike in the past, I did not celebrate with people whom I felt were only around me to gain.

I believe for us all to exist there must be a fair exchange some sort of give and take. But you know sometimes there are people who there to take, take and take.

They say the right things and act like they are for you, but if you take stock you will find out that they are only in your life because of what they stand to gain. There are very few people that genuinely are with you because they like or love you.

So I did not want a big surprise party, all I really wanted was to have dinner with special ones or a small braai with family and one or two special friends. Unfortunately it did not happen, I got a party of parties and of cause, I enjoyed it.

After talking to a good friend, I realised that people around me are attracted to a certain vibe I give off, a certain look they appreciate or what they feel they can gain from. So I concluded that, all the people in my life are there because they are attracted to what they see, what I say or how I behave.

They see something in me that they relate to, want or like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This is life, and everyone not just me goes through the same thing. Amazingly, we need them all, because they shape who we are; good or bad. So what does this have to do with this column?

Well everything and nothing. I said “nothing” because I am not giving fashion advice today, but mental advice. I said “everything” because the title of today’s column is “Do you.”

Do you means, be the best you can be in everything you are and nothing less, because it will attract everything you need to get ahead in life. This being a “Lifestyle” or “Fashion & Beauty” column means we try and give as much information to help and shape you from head to toe, inside and out.

And you — you become and attract whatever is in your life. So if you do not like what you are currently and what you are attracting, then change it.

Take a long, hard look in the mirror this summer and engage yourself. Do you like what you see, from head to toe? Are you representing you, or are copying someone else? In fact trying to be someone else is not as bad as someone who has no idea who they are.

I realised I had lost myself over the last year, and I did not like what I saw. I realised I lost myself in other people’s opinions, lost myself in trying to please the wrong people, trying to fit into a certain mould that made others happy but not me.

A good example is, I love high heels, but my wardrobe is now full of flat shoes I hardly wear, because I associate with a group of people who prefer flat shoes, so I changed to fit in. It seems small, but the change of shoe style affected what I wore too. It started small, but a year later my whole fashion sense is different.

So this summer, I am re-evaluating my needs and making the necessary, but painstaking changes. Not everyone will be happy, but I will be happy and those who love me will be happy, and hopefully a happy me, will mean a happy family and a happy community.

So again I ask who are you? Are you happy with the way you are right now, your weight, hairstyle, dress sense, eating pattern, the people hanging around you and the environment?

No one can make you happy. You hold the key to your heart and mind. Stop blaming life, Government, relationships, society, your boss or lack of finances for the way you are now.

You are the way you are now because you forgot who you are or stopped being you. If you are negative, then of cause you need to re-evaluate yourself. No person starts life off negative, we are naturally positive beings, ask any scientist. So if you dress, behave or think negatively, you need to figure out the root cause of the negativity and deal with it.

I have always said, the way you dress, is a clear reflection of what your thought pattern is that day. If you do not believe me, make a conscious effort tomorrow, notice the way you dress and see what your thought process is behind it.

Finally precious readers, confusion and lack of clarity are a breeding ground for all things negative.

Joy cannot be bought or given. It comes from within. Find that place in you that helps you smile, make an effort to wake up early, bath and dress up. Find that place in you that says “I am somebody”. Trust me when I say, your financial status or geographical area does not define who you are. You define who you are and you attract what surrounds you. Be the best you can be this summer and see what blessings the universe throws your way.

That is it from me, until next week, God bless!

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