Women benefit from training

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Takudzwa Chiwereweshe Post Reporter
GOVERNMENT and its partners have trained 250 women in soap and detergent making in Mutare district in an attempt to create employment, enhance their visibility and ultimately reduce poverty.

Speaking recently at the First Quarter Gender Development Coordination Meeting programme co-ordinator Mrs Precious Babbage indicated that civic organisations in partnership with the Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Equity Development had trained 250 women in soap and detergent making for household and commercial use.

“The Government is promoting women empowerment and entrepreneurship through direct investment in entrepreneurship development and we as development partners have taken the initiative to complement government efforts through training of women in the district in soap and detergent making for household and commercial use. To date we have reached 250 women across the district,” she said.

She described the initiative as a move to promote economic empowerment in the province, by equipping women with business skills which they can use to improve their livelihoods.

“The detergent and soap making venture is a lucrative and viable business which does not require a lot of startup capital. Materials needed are locally available which makes the venture sustainable.

“Production of soaps and detergents is flexible as people can produce in their backyards and sell to schools, hospitals, other homes or even to companies,” she said.

She added that women were able to control the quality of their products and they could also produce their product in substantial quantities depending on the market.

“The training was meant to build knowledge on products, facilities and services as well as the market so as to generate income and realise financial stability.”

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