Woman stabs aunt . . . hubby kisses her during indications

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Woman stabs aunt . . . hubby kisses her during indications

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Lovemore Kadzura
Weekender Correspondent

A BITTER dispute over electricity usage between an aunt and her daughter-in-law ended in tragedy when the latter fatally stabbed her husband’s sister in a gruesome act that has shocked and plunged Rusape’s sprawling hood of Vengere into mourning.

The incident occurred last Wednesday evening when a supposedly intoxicated Thandizike Manhini (26), could not control her temper and accused her aunt, Dorothy Matongo (48) of misusing electricity at the house.

The gruesome incident occurred at House Number NE56, Vengere, Rusape.

During the ensuing heated argument, Manhini, who has since been arrested on murder charges, allegedly withdrew a kitchen knife and stabbed Matongo on the chest.

Matongo bled profusely and was rushed to Rusape General Hospital by neighbours, while others effected a citizen’s arrest on her assailant, who was trying to escape.

Authorities at the hospital immediately referred her to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital in Mutare for further management as her condition had become delicate.

She allegedly succumbed to the stab wound around Chipembere while on her way to Mutare.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident, saying Matongo died an hour and half hours after the brutal attack by Manhini.

“On May 8, around 7pm, Manhini had a misunderstanding with Matongo over the use of electricity at their house. She accused Matongo of misusing electricity and they started quarrelling. Manhini took a kitchen knife and stabbed Matongo on the upper left side of the chest.

“Matongo suffered a deep cut and bled profusely. She was rushed to Rusape General Hospital for treatment and was transferred to Victoria Chitepo Provincial Hospital. She died on her way around 8.30pm.

“The matter was reported to the police, who attended the scene and arrested Manhini. Matongo’s body was conveyed to Rusape General Hospital for post-mortem,” he said.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka appealed to the public to value the sanctity of human life and avoid the use of violence in settling disputes.

He said disputes of whatever nature can be ironed out peacefully.

“Human life is very precious and must be respected. People must also avoid taking the law into their own hands, but should seek counselling from close relatives, friends and community leaders when facing challenges.

“Here is a case where life was lost over a very petty issue, which could have been handled differently and solved amicably,” he said.

Manhini is married to Dorothy’s brother, Tawanda and they were staying at the same house since last year.

The parties have a history of quarrelling and fighting, which prompted them to share rooms and cook separately.

Manhini is understood to be a South African citizen, who skipped the border with the aid of her returning husband, as she does not have requisite travelling documents.

Tempers flared when police brought Manhini for indications as Tawanda exuded undying compassion and affection to his wife by cuddling, caressing and kissing her in front of grieving relatives, neighbours and shocked on-lookers.

The mourners felt his actions were uncalled for as he was showing more sympathy to a person who had allegedly murdered his sister.

A drunk Tawanda at one point chased mourners from the house and threatened to take his own life to avenge for his wife’s arrest.

Manhini has since appeared in court facing one count of murder as defined in Section 47 (1) (a) or (b) of the Criminal Law, (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23, and was remanded in custody to May 20.

Manhini, who appeared as a self-actor was not asked to plead when she appeared in court, and was advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Matongo was buried at Silverbow Cemetery in Rusape on Tuesday afternoon.


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