Woman seeks protection against boyfriend’s wife

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Woman seeks protection against boyfriend’s wife Woman seeks protection against boyfriend’s wife

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Blessing Rwizi Weekender Correspondent —
CONTINUOUS insults and threats from her ex-boyfriend’s wife left a Mutare woman with no option, but to approach Mutare Civil Courts seeking protection.

Kudzai Madzimbamuto and Privilege Mawere appeared before Mutare magistrate, Miss Nyasha Kuture, with the former claiming that the latter was threatening to bewitch her children.

Madzimbamuto described Mawere as abusive and violent. She told the court that she broke up with Mawere’s husband a long time ago, but she was wondering why Madzimabamuto was still tormenting her.

“I am tired of being harassed by her and I now need the law to take its course, Your Worship. I no longer want her to come to my workplace disturbing my peace and I want her to stop verbally abusing me. I am done with her husband, but I don’t know why she is still after me. As if that is not enough, she promised me that my children will end up street kids. My life is now on danger, who knows maybe she wants to bewitch me and my children?” said Madzimbamuto.

However, Mawere disputed the allegations that were being levelled against her by Madzimbamuto.

Instead she told the court that Madzimbamuto was the one who laughs and insults her whenever they meet. She begged the court to stop her from seeing her husband.

“I no longer have peace with my family because of this woman Your Worship. I should be the one applying for a peace order. On different occasions I have met her with my husband and her friends, but she takes that as an advantage to mock, laugh and insults me. She is lying that they are no longer an item, yet I recently saw them together.  She should leave my husband for me and find other single men out there,” said Mawere.

In her ruling, Miss Kuture ordered the two to observe peace towards each other. She also ordered Madzimbamuto to leave Mawere’s husband.

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