Woman, lover kill baby to conceal affair

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Woman, lover kill baby to conceal affair

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IN  an incident that has  left villagers in Chipinge shocked, a woman from Bangira connived with her lover to kill a newborn baby she conceived from an adulterous relationship.

After killing the infant, the pair buried the body in a garden situated on the banks of Musirizwi River in a bid to conceal the crime.

The incident occurred on May 1.

Circumstances are that Majika Zamukudzi (21) had an extra-marital affair with her husband’s nephew, Edison Ndangana (24).

The two made love in the absence of Zamukudzi’s husband who works in South Africa, resulting in Majika falling pregnant.

A bouncing baby girl was born but the infant did not see the light of the day as her mother, in connivance with her lover, strangled the newly born.

After committing the offence, the body was wrapped in a taxi bag and later buried in the garden.

Suspicion of murder only arose when Edison’s wife visited Zamukudzi with the intention of borrowing matches to lit up a fire.

When she arrived at her room she called out her name but Zamukudzi replied in a low pitched tone. She instantly sensed that something was wrong.

“I entered the room and saw traces of blood. Zamukudzi told me that she had a miscarriage but I smelt a rat. There was no remains of a foetus anywhere,” she said.

The neighbour then rushed to inform close relatives. The police were later called to investigate.

After heavy interrogation, the suspects confessed to committing the crime.

They led detectives to the garden and dug up the decomposing remains of the infant.

The remains where then taken to Chipinge District Hospital for post mortem.

“My husband last came here in January and he did not realise that I was pregnant with Edison’s baby. I slept with my husband before he left but I knew he would never believe that the baby was his.

“Edison and I decided to kill the baby and conceal the evidence before he could find out since he is currently in South Africa,” said Zamukudzi.

The two were arrested and taken to Chipinge Police Station where they are awaiting trial at the courts.

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