Wolf in sheep’s skin

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Wolf in sheep’s skin

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MATTHEW 7:15 (New Testament) is part of the Sermon on the Mount which fires warning against false prophets or pretenders.

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves”.

Whoever penned this powerful scripture should have this other well known pretender, who wants the world to believe that he is so much into church business when in fact he is a womaniser, into mind.

I mean this other proprietor who is into hardware business and runs this downtown outlet, whose name is a short cut of that of the owner.

The dude is fairly popular among construction players or those constructing dwelling properties in the city.

Apart from his clearly unwise way of doing things especially when it comes to extra-marital affairs, he is a well known devotee of that apostolic sect where males members a compulsorily made to always fasten their top neck shirt buttons.

Blabber will go straight into the latest sexual shenanigans this idiotic businessman is embroiled in.

He is trying every trick in the book to manipulate and silence complainants in a nasty case of statutory rape that, coincidentally, Yours Truly is currently half-way investigating.

Yes, statutory rape! In other words, the sexual pervert feasted on a minor. He devoured an innocent and defenceless juvenile simply to quench his untoward and uncontrolled sexual desires.

Just like contemporary men of God, Yours Truly will dig deeper and unravel all his past and present stinking sexual shenanigans.

Watch my space!

Don’t be fooled, there is no light at all

WORD reaching Blabber is that this former academic who started his own private college near the central business district and whose name has something to do with light, is deflowering schoolgirls at the centre one after the other.

Behold, there is no light at all at this private college. If anything, it is all Sodom and Gomorrah!

I mean that other former lecturer who used to teach at a local teacher training institution and was relieved of his duties being found guilty of receiving bribes from desperate  prospective trainees in the name of securing vacancies for them.

Some know him by a name similar to the title given to a Catholic Priest at a given parish.

What disturbed Blabber is the fact that the moron has legions of concubines around the city over-and-above voluminous adulterous affairs involving some uncultured married women.

This bed hopper is exposing innocent high school children at his institution at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases arising from such well documented promiscuity.

Blabber will certainly dig deeper and unravel his modus operandi of the awful, abominable and detestable sport.

Once again, watch my space!

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