Woes mount for Apostle Khomani

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Ray Bande and Justin Mapangisana

THE ongoing trial of Royal Family Life Fellowship founder and leader Action Khomani continues to open a can of worms after the court heard that the cleric once poured a bottle of anointing oil on a married female congregant’s head and started fondling her breasts pretending to wipe the liquid before removing his clothes and asked for sexual favours in his office.This was revealed last week in court by a complainant in the indecent assault case which Khomani is also facing apart from the rape charge he is answering to.

The complainant told the court that she was having marital problems when she consulted the clergyman. She said the man of cloth blamed her husband for the challenges that they were facing in her home.

“I was still going to Royal Family Life Fellowship Church three years ago and saw the pastor after service. I enquired from him if I could visit his office because I was having marital problems. When I got to the office, I saw Mai Mufundisi Khomani in the office.

She left me in the office, indicating that she wanted to pick up her children from school.

“I then received counselling. During the counselling session, Apostle Khomani told me that the problems I was having with my husband were emanating from the place where he works at Moto-Moto where he was seeing a lot of women. He then said I should come round his desk so that he could pray for me. He took a bottle of anointing oil and poured it on my head,” she said.

The complainant shocked the gallery when she alleged that the accused went on to pretend to wipe the anointing oil as it trickled down her chest, fondling her breasts in the process.

“The anointing oil trickled down my face to the upper part of my breasts. He then started wiping the anointing oil on my chest as he fondled my breasts. Realising that, I then tightened my jacket so that he could not continue fondling my breasts. I knelt down and started praying. He said his neighbours irritated him so much and proceeded to close the office windows and curtains,” she said.

The court heard that the cleric removed his clothes and asked for sexual favours.
“After he had closed the windows, he came back to where I was. I then noticed that he had already removed his clothes and he whispered  in my ear saying that ‘you know what, I want to sleep with you’. I kept on praying, I could not stomach the apostle’s advances.

He knelt down behind my back lifting my dress. He proceeded to touch my stomach and removed my panties,” she said.
She told the court that the accused unsuccessfully tried to insert his manhood in her privates.

“I then managed to stand up and pulled my pants up and faced him. Then he said, ‘my daughter are you normal.’ I told him that I was normal. I openly told him that he was the one who was not normal because he was naked,” she said.
Apostle Khomani allegedly offered her cash for her to remain silent about the issue.


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