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BLABBER is shocked by how some people think they can mastermind evil deeds and get away with it.

Don’t fool yourselves, Yours Truly will always pick it.

Those Covidiots are evading the lockdown regulations, just to have a few beers while enjoying the company of ladies of the night.

Dear reader, this is a continuation of that story, where l was talking about a house in one of our middle-density suburbs near the famous cemetery.

Well, we now have another thriving brothel.

The participants in these underworld acts are so innovative and had created a WhatsApp group named Mutare 21.

After Blabber spoke about that group, they disbanded it and formed Mutare21 Reloaded.

Probably they thought they were flashing Yours Truly out.

However, even in the new WhatsApp group, Yours Truly is a very active participant.


One wonders how the said brothel is housing 25 girls during these days when we are supposed to be observing physical distancing due to Covid-19.

Prominent guys in town are still visiting the place and there is no physical distancing being observed there.

From the way l see it, the only solution tomfoolery is to name and shame participants.

Just watch this space!


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