Wife thumped for dishing more meat to customer

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Wife thumped for dishing more meat to customer The husband is accused of assaulting his wife and threatening her with death whenever they have a misunderstanding

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Melody Vherenaisi
Weekender Reporter

DISHING out more meat to a male customer drew the ire of a Mutare man who then assaulted and undressed his wife in the presence of customers and other onlookers in Penhalonga recently.

Having been subjected to the humiliating act, Fellistus Gwizo rushed to apply for a protection order against the violent James Muronzi at the Mutare Magistrate Civil Court.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato presided over the matter and granted Gwizo the protection order which is valid for a year.

Gwizo said Muronzi, who is a gold panner in Penhalonga, pummeled her as he accused her of serving more meat to a male customer.

He accused her of having an affair with the man, resulting in him undressing her, saying he was the one who had brought the clothes she was putting on.

Gwizo said they have been married for 10 years and Muronzi is in the habit of assaulting her whenever they have a misunderstanding.

She also told the court that Muronzi also destroys their property and chases her out of the house with her child at night, telling them to sleep outside following a misunderstanding.

“He assaulted me in front of my customers and undressed me, telling people that I am a woman of loose morals. He said I should surrender the clothes I was wearing to him as he is the one who bought them.

“While he was assaulting me, he also told the people gathered and my co-workers that I am an HIV patient who takes medication everyday, yet it is not true. My co-workers came to my rescue and gave me clothes to put on after Muronzi had stripped me naked,” said Gwizo.

She said she is working in Penhalonga as a food vendor to assist her husband to raise money for their family upkeep.

However, Muronzi said he did not assault Gwizo but only asked her why she had dished more meat to the male customer.

“She did not give me a satisfactory answer, but started shouting at me,” he said.

He did not deny destroying property, chasing her out at night as well as assaulting her.


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