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WHAT is this that we hear about a production manager, a sex predator in his own right, who is abusing women at this other well-known timber producing company?

It is really sad to note that while we thought we were all seized with fighting the novel coronavirus, some dishonourable men are only thinking about the next woman to abuse.

Not even the need to observe physical distancing is deterring them from forcefully engaging his female subordinates.

Yours Truly has it on good authority that there is a manager at the aforementioned timber producing company who has perfected the art of command sex at his workplace.

In the interest of preserving the little that remains of our moral fabric, when such things happen in our beloved province, Blabber will surely not remain aloof.

The uncultured manager has literally forgotten his main mission of producing boards and doors. He now sees his workplace as fertile hunting ground to satisfy his insatiable appetite for sex.

Just as his loosely translated second name suggests, he strikes like a bolt of lightning whenever he admires a female workmate.

His open-zip-and-shut mind approach has seen him ill-treating those who turn down his proposals and rewarding those that helplessly give in to his demands.

In fact, it seems like he understands the carrot and stick theory very well.

For “good behaviour” he rewards and for “bad behaviour”, he punishes and indeed he punishes so hard!

Blabber is aware of how he is good at cooking up baseless allegations of misconduct against those women of valour who stand by their ground and refuse him access to their bodies.

Some have been falsely accused of stealing timber. They were fired for choosing not to give in to his unholy demands.

They were handed retrenchment letters, not because the company could no longer accommodate them, but because they could not extinguish his insatiable sexual appetite.

Those who have fallen victim have also revealed that he shamelessly demands porn movie styles in bed.

As if that was enough, his acts of nincompoopery have seen him collecting “tax” (bribes) from fellow workers’ meagre wages.

Shame on such malcontent in our society!

Blabber seriously needs to share notes with colleagues because such social misfits need to be named and shamed.

Gentle reader, consider this a friendly warning, not a threat.

I rest my case, at least for now!

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