Who insulted guest columnist?

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The ManicaPost

Morris Mtisi
I have been inundated with avid readers of the Education Column asking directly and indirectly, “Who affronted MM? Who dared him . . . had the temerity to attack his dignity?” Some texted messages asking, while others used the grape vine to gossip but still asking who this person was and what axe he had to grind with MM.

Some were high office holders of The Manica Post who were equally anxious to know who the wiseacre that appeared in last week’s column is.

MM replies:

I must thank my boss and editor who kindly and responsibly pulled the sting out of my original response. My reply was unsparingly scathing and to the point. We need to remain sane all the time even against insanity.

Like the professional my boss is and master of journalism ethics, he carefully and meticulously rooted out words like ‘‘sick man’’, hoodlum, psychopath, mental case, mentally deranged and more from my original response-text. I have no problem with such descriptive detail when I am calling a spade a spade and when a bit of my adrenalin begins to flow in the wrong direction. So don’t be worried at all.

I’m fine . . . very fine. When a fly keeps on buzzing around your face, it is no big deal, but you must get rid of it to continue with your work.

Above all, they say if you continue arguing with a fool, people will not notice the difference.

The ‘‘fired’’-is-perfect English ‘‘expert’’ . . . needs to see a doctor. He is genuinely sick and we need to all pray for him.

He is only a gregarious, loud-mouthed wiseacre. I hope he is not running for presidency in the coming elections . . . or ward councillor in your neighbourhood . . . lest you believe you have a serious contender. If he is, because he may you know, be careful!

That is all I can warn you about.  Case closed forever and ever .  . . Amen!

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