When the church becomes hunting ground

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WHAT is this that we hear about that once relatively successful married businessman whose weakness for sweetness has seen him dating different women around our beautiful city over the years, impregnating several of them.

Yes, I’m talking about that broke, skinny and pompous businessman.

Yours Truly thought his strong religious background would make him a better person, only to realize that he had actually turned the church into his hunting ground. He unleashed the animal in him with impunity.

Given that he would donate more than many towards church activities, no one had the guts to reprimand him. 

The church leadership left him to do as he pleased.

Congregants that broke church rules, many in ways with much less gravity than his awful sexual shenanigans, were either reprimanded, punished by ‘being placed under the litupa’ or even getting ex-communicated, but somehow our dear moneyed brother remained untouchable.    

Widows, women of questionable morals as well as some married ones within the church could hardly resist him as he used the power of the green buck to lure them.

In these difficult times, it can only take the Biblical Ruth and the like-minded to turn down his animalistic manoeuvres.

Blabber is informed the long list of his concubines include widows of his deceased close friends, some that are also active members of the same church.

Whatever the church’s mission in its faith based enterprise, its name has been spoiled big time by the behavior of this wayward congregant who managed to use money to bribe pastors and fellow elders into silence.

But that was back then!

Social media, unlike the elders and pastors in his church, could not be bribed into silence and gave a blow by blow account of this real life drama.  

But instead of learning that you can fool some people some time but you can never fool all the people all the time, the sexual pervert is blaming everyone and everything around him, including his humble and caring wife, for his downfall.

Blabber would have loved to list all the women that were lured by this man but dear reader, the list is just too long.

However, maybe a few prominent ones, including that other law enforcer, will be dealt with in detail. 

Just watch this space!

On to other important matters.

Just in case you think you are having a very difficult moment in your life, dear reader, spare a thought for a brother whose job involves strenuous effort to mix and disburse medication.

You come back home tired to find out that two women have eloped to you at the same time, and they are waiting for you at your parent’s two-roomed apartment. 

Blabber feels for this guy and hopes his stress will not see him dispensing the wrong medication to patients.  

His open zip shut mind approach to sexual matters is really regrettable. 

 I rest my case, for now.

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