When love for power corrupts the mind

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WHAT is this that we hear about this other immoral lady who made headlines several times on this column for her love of power in school administration?

I mean that woman who resisted being transferred to a school in a local high density suburb from a primary school located in a low density suburb.

Blabber vividly recalls how she adamantly refused to move from this well developed school as she thought her big, old, wrinkled bums would tempt the authorities to budge on their directive to have her transferred.

Alas, they stood their ground and even appointed another person in her position at that modish primary school as she tried to resist being transferred in vain.

She, however, finally moved to her new workplace at this other primary school in a high density suburb whose name has something to do with water.

Upon arrival at her new workplace, she did not waste time to show her true colours.
As Blabber writes this piece, the school head at her new workplace is admitted in a psychiatric institution in the capital with mental problems that are strongly believed to have been inflicted by our power hungry woman.

Yours Truly is in a state of shock after learning how far some people can go in pursuit for power and control and our prayer is that sooner or later she will learn that all is vanity!
A tale of contrasting fortunes

Remember that sex addict whose business crumbled like a deck of cards as he prioritised channelling resources to his newly found church as well as ladies of loose morals.

I mean that other businessman known for his husky voice and his love for young girls in the city.

Yes, the one who was in the confectionery production business but has since closed shop owing to failure to meet the costs of employee salaries and other obligatory payments.

Blabber spotted him at these other business awards that were held recently in the city in the company of his cousins who are partly responsible for his bankruptcy.

Unlike in the past when the cousins used to be his aides in such occasions he was more of their aides. Funny how things change!

The good thing is that he seems to be getting help from them to find his feet once again
Blabber does not enjoy seeing fellow citizens’ downfall.

Yours Truly hopes and prays that he will not misuse resources this time around if ever Heavens allow him to get back to where he was.

Till next Friday, remember to take good care of your loved ones!

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