When close friend becomes son-in-law

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WHAT is this that we hear about this other young businessman who was once a subject of this widely read column back then when he appeared on a sex-tape that went viral on social media around the city?

In that tape, our brother of insatiable sexual appetite is partially visible with this other dreadlocked and generous lady who once worked for a certain eatery.

A few more notes will help you gentle reader about the moron I am blabbering about. The dark skinned sexual predator, whose knowledge and love for monetary transactions must have started during his days with a certain bank. He owns a fairly enterprising retail shop that sells clothes, shoes, deodorants, electrical and mobile gadgets. Yes, the one whose wife died mysteriously in a road accident a few years ago, souring his relationship with his in-laws

Word reaching Yours Truly is that he is once again trying his luck on a friends’ stepdaughter. To contextualise his treachery and betrayal, the uncultured man actually took advantage of his access to the young girl’s home since he is a friend of the stepdad. We all know how the stepdad used to keep the young girl indoors as he feared for the worst, not knowing that a vulture close to him was feasting on the tender flesh without restraint.

Then there came a time that the innocent young girl wanted to formally introduce her boyfriend to the parents. A fierce fight broke out between the young businessman and the stepdad as the latter was shocked to learn that the person all along referred as his stepdaughter’s boyfriend was indeed his long time friend.

Well, some might be wondering who exactly the stepdad in this true to life drama is.

Gentle reader, it is none other than that other equally uncultured party animal of mixed blood, who manages this other funeral parlour in the city.

Yes, the one whose wife must be somewhat twice his age and that is the reason the young girl is now at the age of formally introducing a boyfriend before her parents. In fact, the wife moved from the Diaspora with her own daughter to marry this equally wayward moron.

Blabber was informed that when the formal introductions were about to take place, or were taking place, the funeral parlour manager asked his friend-turned-stepdaughter’s boyfriend whether he was really serious about marrying the girl given his well known acts of infidelity.

They boy is said to have answered by asking his father-in-law to be why he was being judgmental yet they were ‘birds of a feather’.

This did not go down well with the funeral parlour manager who then pounced on the young man. Glasses, cups, spoons and plates turned into weapons on that day. Folks, know which friends to and not to take home!

Immorality has gone out of hand

Immorality has spilled out of hand in that town which derives its name from a river that never dries. Married men and women are dolling the forbidden fruit with impunity. The honeymoon is over as Blabber will deal with sexual perverts ruthlessly.

Get me right, none will be spared! Yours Truly cannot fold hands while the town turns into Sodom and Gomorrah. The salted dry whip will be cracked without mercy. Obviously there will be gnashing of teeth and quacking of boots among harlots, jezebels and perverts. Some sex perverts have guts to record themselves doing abominable acts. That dingy lodge by the lake side has of late become the hub of decadence.

Pictures of familiar cheating morons circulating on social media are just the tip of an iceberg. How on earth can two varoora connive to cheat their husbands? Could they have been brainless cheats or merely victims of juju? Blabber is digging the mystery behind this awkward occurrence. Watch my space!    


Still in that town, there is this notorious sex pervert well known for going after friends’ wives. The moron is dark, has big eye, pot-belly and works for an agro-dealer that supplies inputs adjacent that auction floor. His name has something to do with pegs hammered in the ground. Blabber thought the bastard will just end with bedding fellow boozers team mates’ wives, but alas, has taken his bed-hopping to another level. He was intercepted while trying to lure a team mate’s young daughter to bed. His boozers’ team’s name has something to do with relish. Among the loose women the bastard has adulterated is that wife of his fellow young boozer with foreign accent. Blabber is not done with this moron, and will pursue him. Justice should visit him for impregnating and dumping juvenile girls.

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