What to wear to a winter wedding

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DRESSING for a wedding is hard enough without the added inconvenience of needing to plan for cold temperatures, icy winds, and possible rain. As such, the thought of attending a winter wedding can be stressful for many. But, don’t despair because we’re here to assist you in choosing the perfect dress. Whether you’re aiming for an on-trend impression or a timeless appearance, we can help you plan the perfect ensemble for this celebratory chilly occasion. Below, you’ll find our expert guide on what to wear to a winter wedding as a guest.

Consider the dress code and location of the wedding before selecting your outfit.

Opt for styles with sleeves and long lengths to keep warm throughout the celebrations.

Create the perfect winter look with dark or muted colours and thick fabrics.

If the ceremony is outside or the weather is exceptionally cold, take a chic coat or shawl with you.

Complete your look with closed-toe shoes, jewellery, and a bag.

Winter wedding attire

Dressing for a winter wedding can be a surprisingly fun chance to experiment with new and exciting eveningwear looks. Of course, before you plan your outfit, you’ll need to consider the formality, dress code, and location of the wedding. Then, you can start planning an ensemble that’s flattering to your body and that suits your style.

To ensure your finished look is suitable for the season, try opting for thick fabrics, cool and dark tones, styles with sleeves, and long lengths. Also, don’t forget to think about layering or adding outerwear should the weather be extra cold or the event outdoors.

Winter wedding guest dresses

So, you’ve received the invitation. Now it’s time to plan what you’re going to wear. As most winter weddings are indoors, there’s no need to go overboard with dressing for the cold. Instead, just add a winter spin to your usual wedding attire. To do so, try picking a dress with sleeves or a maxi style that’ll cover your legs. If you want to wear a print, make it one with a dark base colour.

Casual winter wedding dresses

If you’re off to a casual winter wedding, consider choosing a dress with a smart yet relaxed feel. A shift dress featuring long sleeves, or a simple wrap dress can make an excellent option. Adding a basic print, such as florals can also give your outfit an easygoing feel, even in winter.

Formal winter wedding dresses

A formal winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to break out a gorgeous gown. For a sophisticated after-five look, consider a draped style in a rich hue, such as black or burgundy. If you’re after even more drama, consider opting for an embellished look or sequined style. Thanks to their long lengths and heavy fabrics, these dresses will also keep you warm throughout the ceremony and reception.

Simple winter wedding dresses

Whether you prefer a minimalist style or the event itself is understated, a simple winter wedding dress can make an excellent option. To rock the look, just stick to a short or midi length and opt for classic silhouettes, such as a pencil shape or skater style. While embellishments are best avoided for a simple ensemble, you can add interest by selecting a lovely lace design.

Short winter wedding dresses

A short dress provides a modern and practical option for a wedding in winter. Not only does the length make it easier to move (and dance) but the style also offers a contemporary and chic appearance. To make a short dress more winter-appropriate, consider choosing one with sleeves, in a dark colour or that’s made of thick material.

Winter wedding dresses plus size

Today, there are more gorgeous, plus size dresses than ever before. So, finding one for a winter wedding needn’t be overly complicated. Whether you want to show off your curves with a fitted fishtail gown or create an ethereal appearance with a chic flowing maxi, there’s a dress out there for you.

Winter wedding dresses with sleeves

One way to give your usual wedding look an instant winter spin is to add sleeves. Not only will adding sleeves help keep you warm throughout the celebrations, but it will also lend a sophisticated and classic touch to your overall appearance.

Winter wedding suit

A dress isn’t your only choice of attire for a wedding in winter. A suit or a jumpsuit can also make a stylish and appropriate outfit option. To ensure you appear perfectly polished, forget the suits you wear to the office and select something more exciting and daring instead. Then pair it with high heels and statement jewellery to complete your look.

Winter wedding coat

If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, be sure to take a coat with you to keep warm. All you need to do is pick one that is suitably sophisticated, and that matches the rest of your ensemble. Dress coats, wool wrap coats, capes and trench coats in luxury fabrics all make excellent options.

Winter wedding shawl

For those who want to add a little warmth to their look without hiding their lovely dress, a shawl makes an excellent choice. Worn wrapped around the arms, a shawl is a timeless and smart addition to any winter wedding outfit.

Winter wedding shoes

Don’t get cold feet for your next winter wedding. Swap those usual heeled party sandals for something with a little more coverage. While pumps are a timeless choice, you can also consider closed-toe block heels, chic sock boots or even dressy slingback flats.

Winter wedding accessories

Don’t forget to add accessories to complete your winter wedding ensemble. When it comes to a bag, select a clutch or small crossbody bag. A style featuring a luxurious winter fabric, like velvet, makes a particularly chic choice. Then just add jewellery, such as earrings, a necklace and bracelet. As it’s a wedding, you’ll want to select statement pieces, but be sure that they don’t overwhelm your outfit.

Winter wedding colours

When it comes to dressing for a wedding in winter, colour is everything. After all, the colour of your outfit can affect whether you appear suitable for the occasion or entirely out of place. To ensure your look is on-point, select dark shades and muted tones. Rich hues, such as burgundy and plum always appear stunning while cool tones of grey and navy are also gorgeous for a winter wedding. Additionally, black makes an elegant choice that is typically accepted at weddings today. — www.thetrendspotter.net

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