What is fiscalisation?

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Fiscalisation refers to configuring of fiscal devices to enable them to record sales and send them real time to ZIMRA servers. Information is stored on a fiscal memory at the time of sale for use by ZIMRA in Value Added   Tax administration.

 Who should fiscalise?

All Value Added Tax (VAT) registered operators (with sales turnover of 1 million ZWD) in categories ‘A’, ‘B’ C`   and ‘D’ are eligible for Fiscalisation as outlined in SI 104 of 2010 as read with SI 148 of 2016 and SI 153 of 2016.

 What are fiscal devices?

These are electronic devices which contain a “fiscal memory”. A “fiscal memory” is a special read only memory which is permanently built into a fiscalised device to store sales information at the time of the sale.

There are three broad categories of the prescribed fiscalised devices and these are;

Fiscalised electronic registers, also referred to as electronic tax registers (ETRs);

Fiscalised printers; and

Electronic signature devices (ESDs)

How do I know the type of device I am required to use?

VAT registered operators are required, for the purposes of recording their business transactions, to use:

A fiscalised electronic register; or

A non-fiscalised electronic register together with a fiscal memory device.

All other operators who are required to use such devices but who are not retail operators are required to use:

An electronic signature device; or

A fiscalised electronic register; or

A non-fiscalised electronic register together with a fiscal memory device.

 Is there any assistance ZIMRA is giving in acquiring the devices?

Incentives which are granted to facilitate the Fiscalisation Programme are as follows:

Registered operators can claim 50 percent of the cost of acquisition of the fiscal electronic registers as Input Tax on their VAT 7 Return.

Rebate of duty is granted to Approved Suppliers on the importation of fiscal devices and fiscal memory devices.

No VAT is payable on the importation of fiscal devices by approved suppliers.

The local supply of fiscal devices and fiscal memory devices is VAT zero-rated.

 Training on use of fiscal devices

The approved suppliers will assist you in identifying appropriate devices, install the devices as well as provide training on usage. Taxpayers are urged to configure their devices within 7 days of acquiring them.

 Fiscalisation suppliers

For specific details concerning fiscalised electronic registers and devices, kindly contact the approved suppliers   listed in the table below. Fiscal devices should be acquired from the Approved Suppliers. The current list of approved suppliers is provided.

Name of  Fiscalisation Suppliers                Contact Details           E-Mail Address

Microwarehouse (Private) Limited                  0242 741157/741152

0772 889 269                        [email protected]

Axis Solutions (Private) Limited                     0242-744238



0772139227  [email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] [email protected]

Rumikon Computers (Private) Limited t/a Matrix Warehouse Computer        0242-302864/307385



0772 403 732

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