Vaccination made easy

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Vaccination made easy In Manicaland the third dose is now easily accessible in medical facilities across the province

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Ray Bande
Senior Reporter

SINCE the onset of the Covid-19 fourth wave late last year, Manicaland Provinces had recorded 41 deaths by Monday, of which 35 of those people had not been vaccinated against the virus.

According to Monday’s Manicaland Covid-19 daily stakeholder updates, 18 people have died since the beginning of the year, bringing the cumulative deaths since the first case was recorded in 2020 to 510.

Manicaland Provincial Medical Director Dr Simon Nyadundu told The Manica Post that the bulk of people succumbing to Covid-19 were not vaccinated.

“We are not yet where we would want to be as a province as far as vaccination is concerned. In fact, we are way below the 60 percent target.

“We are encouraging people to get vaccinated because our statistics show that those who are not vaccinated are the most affected when it comes to Covid-19.

“During the fourth wave we have so far recorded 41 deaths. Of these, only six were vaccinated while the rest were not vaccinated, which is an indicator that the unvaccinated are not safe. Therefore, it is clear that vaccines are effectively protecting people from severe illness and death,” said Dr Nyadundu.

Government has since authorised the administering of Covid-19 booster shots and in Manicaland the third dose is now easily accessible in medical facilities across the province.

“Booster doses are now available at our clinics and these jabs are meant for all those who got their second doses in the previous six months or more,” said Dr Nyadundu.

Health experts said the booster shots could not be avoided in the face of the fourth wave.

Prominent Mutare medical practitioner, Dr Tendai Zuze said the booster jab is important given that antibodies gained after vaccination lapse after six months.

“The booster jab is very important. When one gets vaccinated, the antibodies that fight infections do not last more than six months. In fact, after six months a person who was vaccinated is almost the same as someone who never got vaccinated.

“Therefore, the booster jab ensures one gets more antibodies to fight infections. This is how important the booster jab is to members of the public,” explained Dr Zuze.

A snap survey conducted by the Manica Post across the province this week revealed that queues are now a thing of the past at the health centres providing Covid-19 vaccination.

Those willing to get the first, second or booster jabs are simply walking into the Government hospitals or council clinics without any hassles.

Medical personnel have also been deployed to busy spots in the Central Business Districts across the province for the convenience of those who want to get vaccinated.

According to the Manicaland Covid-19 daily stakeholder update, 96 new cases had been reported across the province over the 24 hours leading to Monday.

Twenty-four of the 96 people were fully vaccinated.

Monday’s report also indicated that 108 new recoveries had been recorded and there were no new deaths recorded in those 24 hours.

According to the same report, there were 2 223 active cases across the province, more than 1 000 down from last Monday’s 3 430 cases.

But despite the notable decline, the report encouraged people to observe the stipulated Covid-19 protocols to stop spreading of the virus.

Part of the statement reads: “To reduce your chance of getting Covid-19, reduce chances of getting a severe bout of Covid-19 and reduce your chances of both hospitalisation and dying of Covid-19, get fully vaccinated.

“The symptoms of Covid-19 include headache, general body weakness, fever, loss of smell, coughing, shortness of breath, chest pain, sneezing, diarrhoea and backache. If you have any of these symptoms get tested for Covid-19 at the nearest health facility. Covid-19 testing is free at all public health institutions.”


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