Truck driver’s male organ bleeds non-stop

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Truck driver’s male organ bleeds non-stop The man is still trying to figure out what is causing the bleeding as he has never experienced it before after being intimate with a sex worker

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Tendai Gukutikwa
Post Reporter

A married truck driver has been bleeding profusely since Monday morning when he got intimate with a Mutare sex worker he had hired for her services.

After turning a room at a local lodge into a love nest, Mr Evan Nyikadzino started bleeding from his male organ.

Word has it that the 30-year-old sex worker, Ms Linda Mungayi, had to fetch a 10-litre container so that Mr Nyikadzino’s blood would not ‘flood’ the floor.

Witnesses estimated that Mr Nyikadzino lost litres of blood.

An internet search revealed that the amount of blood circulating within an individual depends on their size and weight, but the average human adult has nearly 5 litres of circulating blood.

When The Manica Post arrived at the lodge a few hours later, guests were evidently shocked.

In an interview, Ms Mungayi said she was traumatised by the incident.

Ms Mungayi revealed that Mr Nyikadzino, a truck driver for a Harare-based company, hooked up with her at a local nightclub in the early hours of Monday.

The couple proceeded to book a room at a local lodge (name supplied) in the central business district.

“He thought I had not realised that he had removed the protection during our first sexual encounter. When he tried to put on another condom, he started saying there was something inside it.

“When he removed it, blood started oozing from his male organ. The blood would not stop coming out, even after we tried blocking it with a cloth. He spoilt the blankets and the bed and I had to look for a bucket,” said Ms Mungayi.

She said Mr Nyikadzino tried to run to his truck which was parked along Beira Road.

However, Ms Mungayi would not let him go as she wanted him to clean the room first.


The two’s commotion drew the attention of other guests and they called the police.

“When the police arrived, they instructed us to go to the hospital as Nyikadzino was still bleeding, but he refused.

“We then drove to a prophet in Dangamvura where I was cleared of any wrongdoing. The prophet told us that Nyikadzino had been ‘fixed’ by one of his girlfriends for ditching her,” Ms Mungayi said.

She added: “I do not want to talk about that issue because I am still traumatised. You are making me relive the horror and if I keep talking about it I might not recover,” she said.

When contacted for comment on Tuesday, Mr Nyikadzino said he was still bleeding from his male organ.

He said he had consulted a faith healer who had promised to stop the bleeding.

“When I left Mutare, the blood had stopped but when I got to Nyazura, the ordeal started again. I had to stuff tissue paper in my underwear so that the blood would not spoil the truck.

“I am still trying to figure out what’s causing this as I have never experienced it before. I am not ruling out foul play from Linda (Ms Mungayi) or the other lady I am dating. My girlfriend said if I ever cheated on her she would make sure that I regret my actions. She is so possessive and does not allow me to sleep with anyone else,” said Mr Nyikadzino.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed that police attended the scene but could not shed more light on the issue.

Physician, Dr Stern Chisiyiwa said when a man bleeds from his urethra when he is not ejaculating or urinating, it signifies that he has an underlying medical condition that needs to be checked.

“The urethra is the tube that drains urine from the bladder. In males, the urethra ends at the urethral opening at the tip of the penis. Bleeding from the urethra when not urinating or ejaculating could indicate either an injury to the urethra or an injury to one of the veins in the penis.

“Several conditions can cause bleeding from the penis, with a urinary tract infection being one of the most common.

“Various infections and ruptured blood vessels can also cause bleeding from the penis or for blood to appear in a man’s urine,” said Dr Chisiyiwa.

He went on to explain that blood in the urine is a symptom of many common problems in males, including urinary tract infections, kidney problems, bladder issues or prostate cancer.

“Various problems can cause this leakage,” explained Dr Chisiyiwa.

However, Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers’ Association (Zinatha) president, Mr George Kandiero believes that Mr Nyikadzino needs urgent exorcism.

“Time is running out for Nyikadzino as his condition may deteriorate. If he suspects that his girlfriend fixed him, a mere apology to her will not help. He needs immediate help, otherwise he will die from losing blood.

“Reversal of such curses is quite difficult but possible. Curses of this nature usually happen if the man or the woman in question is married or is in a committed relationship with someone else,” said Mr Kandiero.


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