Too much same sex relations in the city

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Too much same sex relations in the city

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BLABBER is disturbed by the sudden increase in these same sex relationships going on in the city.

All along, Yours Truly thought it was a minority few involved in this ungodly act, but somehow the number seems to be on the rise with each passing day.

Blabber has it on good authority that there is this guy who works in a cellphone and accessories shop in the Central Business District who was head over heels in love with his subordinate.

The two are said to be no longer in good books after the former found another ‘girlfriend’ who works at a fast foods and confectionary shop, again in the CBD.

Yours Truly is reliably informed that the jilted lover is so bitter that he is telling everyone who cares to listen about the shenanigans of his estranged bedfellow.

Blabber can hardly believe that this is going on in a not so distant place.

As if that was enough, there is another guy from that city where they never sleep who has since moved to our beloved city and is also involved homosexuality.

In fact, the guy from that city where they never sleep has been having marital problems back home and the move to this city is also meant to flee from a stressful marriage union he barely can sustain anymore given his questionable sexual orientation.

It appears, the visiting guy has found a suitable partner in our cell phone and accessories shop guy.

Rule Number 1: Trust no one

What is this that we hear about two friends who betrayed each other to the extent of one of them having a sexual relationship with the other’s wife?

Blabber is digging deeper on this one and as usual Gentle Reader, you will be the first to know.

Congratulations Mr Man of God

I hear this other man of God finally exchanged nuptial vows with what he now wants the world to believe is the love of his life.

Blabber is not jealous at all and will not hesitate to congratulate him for finally coming to the light.

I mean that man of God who is popularly known by his name. His name is the same as that language that society expects us to know if we are literate.

We all know how he used to use and abuse women of different shapes and sizes who came to his church and some that turned to him for ‘counselling’.

Till next week, remember to take good care of your loved ones!

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