Tips on teen dressing

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Tips on teen dressing

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Hello Fashion Diva, my name is Sharon. I am 16 years old and I am in Form Three. Please can you give me advice on how we can dress and even how to maintain our hair as school children.

Hello Sharon

Thank you for your question. Teenagers today are definitely torn when it comes to fashion and how best to dress. It is so hard to find the balance between wearing what you love; or following international trends; or  being in tune with your friends and pleasing your parent or guardians. It’s definitely not easy, but once you figure the rules out, dressing will be easier.

First things first

Whether you are a male or female it is important for you to figure out what you like as a person. What colours do you like, what clothing pieces do you like. Do you prefer skirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts etc.

Next you need to get to know your body shape

No two people have the same body. So just because your friend looks good in something does not mean you will look good in it. Also ask yourself are you a copy cat or an original. If you are a copy cat okay, then dress like someone else. But if you want to be an original, see what’s in fashion then adjust it to suit you.

Next, you have heard that image is everything! Well it is!

Human nature is and always will put priority on image first, then the rest. Remember that society will always judge you by the way you dress and look before they get to know you unfortunately. So before you speak, people will determine what you are by what you are wearing.

I have heard many teenagers say that they will not be governed by society. Okay join the long list of generations of teens (including myself) that said that. Yet failed to change society! Some things are set in stone and that’s that.

You might say you do not care but you might regret it in the future, when you lose the job you really wanted, or your best friends parents ban you from attending her party because you are not dressed right. So if you dress like you do not care, people will treat you that way.

Dress comfortably. It is so irritating to see a gorgeous young lady constantly pulling the edges of her skirt down because it is too short or too tight. The best test is A) can you bend in it? B) Can you jump in it? C) Can you sit properly in it without us seeing your underwear or upper thigh or breast skin?

Dress respectfully

I know teens hate that word “respect”. But respect is what will keep you in good stead as you get older in life, and of cause the way you dress is one of the ways one gets respect. If you do not believe me, watch when two people walk into a room, one dressed smart and the other dressed casual. Nine out of 10 times, it’s the smartly dressed person that gets most of the attention. Or it is the smartly dressed person whose opinion seems to be heard even when it makes no sense. Yes before the mouth is opened, the image is judged.

You are young and you should be comfortably in what you wear, but you also need to be in tune with the event you are going to, or the place you are going to. I mean wearing a tracksuit to an evening birthday party does not work. But wearing a tight mini skirt also does not work if you can’t even dance in it.

Hope that helps you dear. Until next week, God bless.

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