Three years without sex

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Three years without sex

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Tendai Gukutikwa Weekender Correspondent

A LOCAL nurse stands accused of denying her husband his conjugal rights for the past three years and spitting on his face each time he asks for them.

Jairos Mamvura recently let the cat out of the bag as he begged the court for an official separation from his wife Molly Mamvura.

However, Mutare magistrate Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi told Jairos that she could neither separate nor keep them together.

Ms Muchineripi, however, granted a protection order in Molly’s favour as she had approached the courts saying Jairos is violent.

In response, Jairos said he loses his marbles as his wife has been denying him his conjugal rights for the past three years.

“I need a separation. This is not a marriage. I am being denied my rights in the bedroom. She should respect me as her husband and entertain me in the bedroom. She actually spits in my face, telling me that she will not sleep with me. It has been three years since we last became intimate. On our way here, she spit on my face. What kind of wife is she?” he said.

Jairos also begged the court to order Molly to stop attending to her patients at their matrimonial home. “She is a nurse and has converted our house into a backyard surgery. She attends to her patients in the presence of our children. Maybe the court has the power to stop her from doing that as I have failed. She should not treat her patients at home. Our home is not a surgery and she is not a doctor,” said Jairos.

Molly confirmed that she has been denying her husband his conjugal rights, adding that she will never be intimate with him for as long as he continues making her his punching bag.

“He is very violent and is always assaulting me. After assaulting me, he expects me to sleep with him. Not in this world will I entertain an abusive husband in bed. I also need that separation if that is what he wants. Maybe it is time for us to part ways because we haven’t been a real family for too long,” she said.

Molly also revealed that Jairos has not been coming home for a while now. Ms Muchineripi granted a protection order in Molly favour. The order bars Jairos from breaching his wife’s peace. She went on to remind the couple that she is not a divorce magistrate. “My duty is to see that there is peace between the two of you. This is not a divorce or separation order that I am granting to Molly. Go and live in peace,” said Ms Muchineripi.

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