The top 2019 fashion trends

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Fashion trends for 2019 are all about the revival of tried and tested styles, with a modern twist on them.

We’re talking about updated khaki’s, office appropriate shorts and yes, even animal print. All done in a tasteful and sophisticated way, fitting of the year.

A rule of thumb when sifting through these 2019 fashion trends is to ask yourself  “Does this have longevity?”  and  “does this look good on me?”.

Trendy wide leg trousers have been around for a couple of seasons now and look great on most body shapes. But something like trendy chunky sneakers, may not be for every taste or match your current wardrobe.

So use your judgement, and most importantly, have some fun with fashion.

Try tie-dye

We know what you’re thinking; tie-dye, really? And the answer is . . . yes, really. Fashion experts around the globe are predicting a resurgence of this ’70s-inspired look. And it actually looks good.

Wear it in flowy fabrics like maxi dresses, billowing kimono’s or puff sleeved blouses. This modern approach is less hippie and more everyday-appropriate, so you really can wear it for years to come.

Swap off-the-shoulder for one-shoulder

Ladies, it’s time to say goodbye to our beloved off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, and usher in a new era; the one-shoulder look. It’s just as flattering as its predecessor, but more modern and sleek. You can dress it up for the office with stylish straight leg pants, or dress it down for the weekend with your favourite pair of jeans.

Lose the transparent coat

So we all got a little swept away with celebrity fan fair and made a couple of bad fashion choices last year. One of them is the weird and wonderful transparent coat. It may look quite cool for an editorial fashion shoot but for everyday life? We think not. Ditch the perspex look for a timeless trench, and leave the see-through trend in 2018.

Play with prints

Don’t be scared to mix and match seemingly contrasting prints. Just follow three easy rules and you’ll look amazing every time you wear this 2019 fashion trend.

Firstly, always remember the silhouette of the outfit make sure the general shape is figure-flattering, highlighting your best features and minimising anything you feel self-conscious about. Secondly, anchor the prints with a solid colour using shoes or bags. And thirdly, make sure the two prints are in similar shapes or sizes.

Don’t wear your tracksuit to

the mall

We all love the athleisure style. Who wouldn’t want to go out in comfy gym-wear? And as a bonus, people would think that you’re really fashion savvy. But we have to draw a line at some point. And wearing head to toe track and field attire (without actually going running) does not make the fashionista anymore.

Do go military (inspired), but avoid utilitarian from head to toe

Conquer the urban jungle with military-inspired pieces that will tap into both your masculine and feminine sides. Choose from structured wide leg trousers and jackets to shoulder pads and statement buttons.

Try animal print

Animal print seems to be making a resurgence, and it’s anything but kitsch. Leopard print, zebra and snakeskin print clothing is popping up all over runways and Instagram pages.

Wear it in modern silhouettes like billowing blouses, structured pants or feminine pleated skirts. Just make sure you anchor the print with neutral colours to ensure a fashion-forward outfit. Still a tad reluctant? Why not try an animal print accessory instead.

We’ve seen just about every influencer and celeb rock the biker shorts look with a blazer and a crop top. And while this did break fashion boundaries and innovate how we think about clothing combinations, we think it’s time to say goodbye to this trend. And let’s face it, unless you’re Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid, biker shorts are just not flattering.

Go for Bermuda shorts instead…

If you still want to wear edgier shorts, opt for a 2019 fashion trend that will work on most body shapes Bermuda shorts. These knee-length shorts are super versatile. Wear them to work with an over-sized blazer, or take them to a lunch date by pairing them with a relaxed statement t-shirt.

Opt for a top handle bag

Practical meets couture where top handle bags are concerned. This nifty bag has all the fittings of a sensible saddle bag, without the fuss of a pesky shoulder strap.

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