The meaning of teacher

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The meaning of teacher Teachers hold a significant value in a learner’s life

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Tanyaradzwa Karen Guwakuwa

The word teacher is not just a word but,

A word that holds a significant value in a student’s life.

T — stands for the crucial teachings a teacher gives to his or her students

E — represents the endless love a teacher shows to his or her students, a teacher’s heart is as pure as a lily

A — means that I as a student acknowledge the presence of a teacher in my life

C — shows how cautious a teacher is when teaching his or her students, a teacher is as patient as the hour

H — simply stands for their humbleness

E — Indicates that they endure a lot everyday

R — represents their righteousness

Without a teacher in my life, my life will be like stagnant water as I won’t have anyone to motivate me to move forward.

A teacher holds a special place in my heart because when problems overwhelm me like non-stop rain, a teacher will always be my umbrella.

Tanyaradzwa Karen Guwakuwa is a student at Mutare Girls’ High School


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