The future is young and emancipated

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The future is young and emancipated Hon Munyama


Tendai Gukutikwa
Post Correspondent

From a newly born baby girl to the oldest woman, women are being celebrated the world over this month and those seating in the country’s Junior Parliament are no exception.

March is Women’s Month and joining in on the global celebrations, The Manica Post caught up with some youthful unsung heroines from across the province.

The female junior parliamentarians represent and inspire both the male and girl child from across the country.

In Zimbabwe, children have the right to be heard.

The Junior Parliament has been key in ensuring that children have a voice in the decisions that affect them, which is one of the basic rights guaranteed to children in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

This right to participation is as important as the rights to education and health.

The Junior Parliament is a forum for taking stock on whether the country is living up its obligations under the Convention, as well as the Africa Youth Charter and the Africa Charter on the rights and welfare of children.

The Junior Parliament brings Zimbabwean children one step closer to ensuring that their rights are respected, promoted and protected.

But while female Junior Parliamentarians are among the most vocal when it comes to advocating for children’s rights, they seem to remain in the shadows as the male child is celebrated more, said Junior Member of Parliament for Mutare North Constituency, Honourable Idirashe Munyama.


The 17-year-old said their voices as young female leaders go unheard while their contributions are sidelined most of the time.

“It is common that when we voice our concerns, our contributions are snubbed. We are still seen as incapable of taking on responsibilities in what are perceived to be male oriented areas. This is despite the fact that we are the future and the girls that we represent and are fighting for are the future presidents, company executives and engineers.


Hon Chipuramhura

“Since women and girls are the lucrative pyramid of life, there is need for strong awareness among them for them to join hands and stand firm for their rights. We also have to impede social deprivation and patriarchal societies to deal with the issue of domestic violence which has a massive impact on women,” she said.

Hon Munyama hailed Government for advocating for gender equality and taking all strides possible, both in Parliament and in the society, to ensure that women are equally represented.

“Our Government is trying by all means to ameliorate women participation in all forms of development which includes equal participation at work, women empowerment and emancipation,” she said.

Hon Munyama hopes that gender equality is within reach.

“Everyone needs to celebrate women as they are the epitome of happiness, courage, fearlessness and strength.

“The world is moving towards gender equality. It is moving towards a balance between both men and women. A change is also required and is essential. It has been observed that men have had more advantages in every sphere of life when compared to their female counterparts.

“As a female leader, I would like 2022 to bring good news to all Zimbabwean women. Having women in leadership positions should become the norm, not the exception. Slowly, but steadily, Zimbabwe is changing,” she said.

Hon Rebecca Savanhu, Junior MP for Mutare South, also lamented the challenge of being looked down upon has seen most girls in her constituency opting to remain in the shadows.

“Whenever a female leader says something, most people tend to think that she is being rude. lt is generally believed that female leaders are bossy, which is not true,” she said.
Hon Savanhu, however, said all this can be done away with if the principles of equality between women and men are affirmed.

“When we say #BreakTheBias, we are saying break the chain and empower women to stand up for themselves. Standing up for yourself is not being rude. In fact, we are living in an era where women have to stand up for themselves and speak.

“When all is said and done, the only way to #BreaktheBias is just to have all women and girls change the way they view themselves and take initiative in empowering themselves,” she said.

Hon Savanhu encouraged women and girls not to wait for other people to give them a helping hand.


Hon Savanhu

“Imagine a gender equal world, a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, where difference is valued and celebrated. Together we can forge women’s equality and collectively #BreakTheBias,” said the youthful leader.

Junior MP for Dangamvura-Chikanga Constituency, Hon Praise Chipuramhura said young women need to be empowered with economical skills.

She also advocated for provision of free sanitary wear for young girls.

“Sanitary pads should be freely supplied to girls to prevent toxic shock syndrome and other infections caused by use of rags and tampons during menstrual periods. Not all girls can afford to buy sanitary pads, so they end up using unhygienic things. These underprivileged girls to be assisted,” she said.


Hon Chipuramhura said it is surprising that in in this day and age, women are still facing gender discrimination, gender based violence and violation of rights from their male counterparts.

“This is true for older women and even for us as young female leaders. There is need for more females to be in decision making positions. WIthout females in those positions, the gender bias will continue,” she said.


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