Taxman’s position on bribery and collusion

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Taxman’s position on bribery and collusion

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Did you know that it is an offence for any ZIMRA official to ask for favours or payment in any form whatsoever to omit or commit any action, contrary to their official duties? This is stipulated in section 181 subsection (1) of the Customs and Excise, Act as read with section 3 of the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Section 181 subsection (2) of the Customs and Excise Act as read with section 3 of the Prevention of Corruption Act also stipulates that it is a punishable offence for any person to connive or offer any favours or any form of payment to a ZIMRA official to perform and/or not to perform their duties aptly.

ZIMRA has zero tolerance to corruption. Corruption has no place in ZIMRA, therefore we urge all our clients to shun corruption in all its ugly forms. Partaking in corrupt activities is not only against the law but also against good morals and ideal cultural values of the loving people of Zimbabwe.

What should one do when cornered to pay bribes to a ZIMRA official?

  • Bravely refuse to cooperate with such evil corrupt demands
  • Immediately request to see the official’s superior
  • Drop a tip off notice in the anti-corruption suggestion boxes available at all ZIMRA offices

Report the corruption shenanigans via the ZIMRA toll-free numbers:

0808 190;

0732 880 880

Report the corruption monkeyshines via email: [email protected]

NB: The above toll-free hotlines are managed by an independent service provider to ensure investigations of all reported cases are not stifled by any internal organisational forces.

Let us all join hands in the fight against corruption. If we lose in this worthy battle against the scourge, the future of our Zimbabwe will be the biggest loser. The future of our beloved country is in our hands.

This article was compiled by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for information purposes only. ZIMRA shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from use of material in this article and no liability will attach to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.

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